Tracy watched silently from the corner of the room as the mother and daughter giggled together, their bond strong and unbreakable. Ever since discovering a way to possess the living, she had lingered in this house for weeks. Tracy was not like other ghosts. She didn’t seek revenge or unleash terror upon the living. No, her purpose was different. She craved something she had never experienced in her short, tragic life. Tracy’s memories of her time as a living child were filled with neglect and abandonment. She had been a forgotten soul, left to fend for herself in a world … Continue reading Untouched

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #238

The Forgotten Lifesaver tube The pond was shallowyet it looked like you would drownyou never learnt to swimand I, a forgotten lifesaver tube, somebody lostcarried you to the grass on the other sideCoincidence-I was left here to save youI was waiting here to die little by littleYou found me when I least expected to be usefulFate-you slipped into this exact pondto make me realise my worthand I want you to know the same Noone’s useless; it’s all matter of time and perspectives. Written for Crimson’s creative Challenge #238 Continue reading Crimson’s Creative Challenge #238

The Mystery Pit

In “The Mystery Pit,” two curious children stumble upon a strange and massive hole in the ground, and they can’t resist investigating it. They throw rocks into the pit to see how deep it is, but they hear nothing, leading one of them to suggest something much heavier. Things take a dark turn when one of the children is pushed into the pit, and the other returns home alone. Later that night, when the missing child returns unharmed, the other one realises he had done something terribly wrong. Continue reading The Mystery Pit