Someone special

Well, we all have someone special in our lives, don’t we?

I have someone special in my life. Well, he is someone who gets worried about me when I get sick or all alone(pretty much every time). (Pst… don’t jump to conclusions. Hear me out completely)

He is someone who gives me a hell lot lecture on ‘boy’s world’ ( phew, who does that these days). He is someone who scolds, teases (on my poor choice of crushes), loves and cares ( but he doesn’t say ). But … he is also someone who is left apart.

He stays with his friends for whatever they do, ‘cause thats what friends do. But, if something trouble happens, they blame him and leave him. He doesn’t complain, but his heart aches, i can see that.

He is there when you want to share a happy news. He is there when you’re crying out your eyes. He will let you have his shoulder for your head to lean on when you are too tired of crying. But when he needs somebody well, nobody stays with him.

He is a man, bit complicated. He doesn’t share his pain even when his heart is breaking apart. He laughs and smiles a lot. I have never seen him cry. He is someone who is often misunderstood. He is someone who acts like he doesn’t care, but weeps when he’s all alone in dark, for he calls darkness his best friend now.

He is my father. He has been there in my ups and downs. Others might say he is mad but i call him a man who never gives up on anybody that easily. Well, we do fight a lot but none has known me as close as him. If i ever get someone to marry, i will marry someone just like him blind folded.

After all, A father is always his daughter’s first love.

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