Beauty with a Melodious Voice

“Ew… not her! I need someone fairer to be my pair. I would rather not dance than choosing her.” The little boy cried. Aarthi just stood there, her head little lowered, without saying anything.

Since childhood, Aarthi had been feeling this ignorance just because of her colour. Black, a colour which was considered to be the colour of classy in fashion stayed ignored when it came to skin.

She tried her best not to be bothered by the colour she owns, but when it came to socializing with people she pulled herself back from the groups. She started to accept loneliness because it was something she was comfortable with. The colour black slowly ate her confidence as she grew. Thus books and pens became her best friends and that is how she became a nerd.

It so happened when she was studying for her bachelor’s degree, their college conducted a fest to expose those talents which the students had in them, who could further participate in an international event. Fame, It was all about fame. The drama they claimed to perform lacked a beauty with a melodious voice.

It was true that Aarthi was a marvelous singer but none knew as her skin mattered more, she thought. She had no friends for she absorbed herself in her completely. She thought none wanted to be her friend. But all this was just her thoughts. If she just opened her eyes to see the people around her she could understand there were people who were trying to be her friend since she came to that college. But she didn’t know because loneliness had engulfed her completely.

Somehow the coordinator of the drama was informed that Aarthi was a good singer, but he wasn’t aware of the skin colour she possessed. A few weeks before the fest Aarthi was asked to meet Amit, the coordinator of the fest. She was interested in that but her inferiority complex won every time when she decided to go for it. But it couldn’t win all the time, her curiosity won at last. But she was sure that once he gets to see her, he will not be happy in placing her in his drama.

That day arrived, she practiced her song real hard and went on stage to sing in front of a few people along with Amit. Once she got to the stage she took a deep breath, closed her eyes and started to sing. Her sound was so melodious that the ones who heard her voice came lining up to the auditorium to have a closer look at the one who holds such a beautiful voice. When the song ended there echoed the sound of applause. She opened her eyes and saw hundreds of her colleagues standing in front of her and clapping their hands. At that very moment, her eyes were only focused on Amit’s reaction. To her surprise, Amit came beside her onto the stage and said to her and all the people standing there, “She is Aarthi. She will be playing Princess Alisha on my drama”

There was more noise now than before. Aarthi stood there astonished. She couldn’t believe what has been said. She felt so stupid of herself to think that colour mattered more. If she had heard that appreciation and encouragement even from a single person when she was young, she wouldn’t have isolated herself like she did all these years, she thought. Now, something new happened with her, she started believing herself moreover she started to love herself. From that day onwards she wasn’t alone, she had friends whom she avoided earlier. She just wished if this could have happened a little bit earlier, she would have been a completely different Aarthi then.

Well, sometimes just some nice words can make a change in someone’s life. A big change that would make them stronger. Again, sometimes you need to come out of your cocoon to hear those magical words.

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