My Bestie’s ‘You-know-who’

I looked at the moon, it was extra bright that night but it was alone, just like me. I looked around I see my best friend holding hands with her boyfriend. Third wheel again! Sometimes I felt like we were not best friends anymore. I hated him since I knew she liked him. He was there every time; when we went for shopping or for watching a movie, he was just there, trying to take her away from me. The worst thing was she said everything to him, literally everything. Duh, I was supposed to be the one she tells everything ‘cause I am her best friend. Who did he think he is? He came to exist between us a few months before. Life didn’t seem fair to me. Whatever I said to her was passed on to him, which really messed up my head.

I tried warning her many times showing disapproval of their relationship, but she didn’t seem to take it seriously. Yes, of course I was jealous, how can she replace me with him?! Eventually, I wasn’t getting enough time with her, that’s what made me go crazy. It was just him she wanted. All those little coincidences that she muttered about him used to drive me mad. The worse thing about this situation was I couldn’t do anything about it because all I wanted for her was that smile on her face. She was happy with him but she slowly forgetting about ‘our moments’ were hurting me deep inside.

As the time passed, I stopped being ‘the third wheel’ and decided to stay home making excuses when they went out to have their time together. I found myself being a sloth clinging to her while she enjoyed clinging onto Sam. On the contrary, she was happy being a sloth while I wasn’t, I knew I had better things to do. For an introvert like me, it was difficult finding another ‘bestfriend’, for it would be a really long process. So I decided to be alone for sometime. I laughed reminiscing those days when we used to talk on phone for hours and now look at us, it has become a matter of seconds or a busy caller tone. Even when I was happy about she being in a relationship, I secretly wished for them to breakup; in a really pathetic way that she would run back to me begging me to take her back. Then I realised how evil this loneliness have made me thinking.

Days became weeks and then it completed months ; I missed her but I became more attached to loneliness. It’s not that she avoided me, we used to smile and talk whenever our eyes met at the work place. Time has a wonderful way of changing people and I found myself looking at a complete stranger whenever we had that ‘small talk’.

One fine afternoon I had a call from her. At first I was surprised then I thought it was dialled by mistake, so I ignored her call. Later it rang again with her smiling face lighting up on my screen. I answered after taking a deep breathe, for I even forgot how we used to talk,

“Hello? Emma? Is everything alright?”

All I could hear was someone sobbing

“Emma? What is it? Where are you?” , This time I was anxious and worried.

“It’s Sam, he… he had an accident… I… don’t know what to do! Saira, can you come here… I am scared.”

(‘Let that creep die,he is the one who separated us’)

“I am on my way, please stop crying, he will be alright.” I said instead of saying what I thought in my mind.

As I drove towards her home all I was praying was him to be alright because I could not stand there watching her cry. As I knocked on her door, Sam opened the door. I was confused.

“What? You here? Accident? What is happening here?”

Sam just smiled, Emma joined us. I looked at her, my eyes turned red

“Saira, I know you are mad at me for doing this, but…” she continued, but then I noticed a ring on her finger, I have never seen that before. I cut her words and screamed, “He proposed you! Are you getting married?” She nodded her head. All my thoughts; my angry thoughts were gone, I just stood there and shouted, “My best friend is getting married and there is so much to do.”

I screamed excitedly.

“Saira, Saira…. listen there is more.” I stopped and listened, “I want you to be my maid of honour like we always talked about.”

This time I couldn’t just stand there, I ran towards her and hugged her. All my sadness, all my wicked thoughts, all my loneliness were washed away by that hug. I whispered, “I missed you Emma.” She smiled and said, “I missed you too, Idiot.”

I got her back, I was the happiest person in the world. Suddenly I noticed Sam staring at us, “Don’t think this will change anything between us, I still hate you. And don’t even think about hurting her, I will haunt you down and you will wish that you weren’t born.”

Everybody broke into laugh.

Days passed. I was the one who planned their wedding. She was the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. I felt so silly, for thinking I would lose her, those thoughts I created by overthinking, everything was completely out of fear of losing my one and only best friend. From being her ‘maid of honour’ to becoming the ‘Godmother’ of little Mia, it took me some time to understand that I was a big part of her life and she wouldn’t dare to leave me. After all, ‘what would she do without her psychopath friend Saira. See, only she could tolerate me and that’s why we were best of friends.’

PS if your best friend doesn’t hate your boyfriend, you never had a best friend

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