Mystery of Kingdom Toritoya (Part 9)

“What did I do my King?”

Looking at Queen Drusilla, who was weeping out loud, Claudius ordered, “Free Sarai Roselet…. You know the pain of a mother who had lost her daughter.”

Rose was surprised to hear it. She wondered how he came to know about hiding Sarai.

“I told him, mother. I found my talent. I can see things that happened before and can even predict the future too… please do forgive your old friend… she needs your help now… if your friendship was true then set her free.”

Those words from her daughter were enough to make her feel guilty.

“Forgive me my friend; It took me this long to understand you. It’s because of Kate we are together again… I am sorry for what I have done. Forgive me, dear Drusilla…”

Drusilla also shed tears of happiness as she got her good old friend back.

“Please don’t Roselet… you are my friend and there is no place for sorry between us…”

It was time for Drusilla to get her daughter back. She was happy as well as excited to see her daughter after eleven long years. Queen held her hand and led her to a beautiful room. There she found a young girl who was cute as a rose flower. When they reached there Roselet called the girl closer,

“Sarai, do you remember this lady?”

“Well, no my Queen.”

“Dear Sarai, it’s your mother dear… it’s your mother…”

“Mother, its been very long… I used to ask her when you would be coming to take me back… I have been waiting for you since… At last, you came to me.”

She ran to hug Drusilla… the queen was unable to believe her eyes and ears.

“I don’t understand… Roselet, you… you kept my daughter as a prisoner, didn’t you?”

“No never dear… how could I lockdown this beautiful angel in prison… I took her away from you to make you suffer but not her to suffer. I always took care of her… she was such a darling. I can’t believe she’s going to leave me forever.”

Sarai smiled at her and gave kisses to Drusilla. At last, it was time for Drusilla to leave Kingdom Toritoya. There was something else that Roselet wanted to give to Drusilla.

“My dear friend, once you asked me something which was everything to you. With my power, I am going to give you something no… someone special.”

“I don’t understand Roselet.”

“You will.”

Then Roselet moved a bit further and said, “With all powers that you have given, mother, father forgive me. But let Javan free. I beg you, this is my life, I have done many sins. It’s time for me to change. I don’t want to let anybody cry just because of me. Give Drusilla’s happiness back. Let her have her King. Her love her life.”

There was a clap of thunder, the cloud turned black and smoky. There came a carriage; there seated someone. Yes, it was King Javan. Drusilla couldn’t believe her eyes. She ran towards him, Javan was also happy to see his queen. They hugged. They thanked Roselet. Drusilla hugged her and said,

“Thank you for your wonderful gift.”

“Hmm… No thanks between friends… treasure each movement with him. Maybe later I won’t be able to bring him back.”

Roselet smiled. Everybody was surprised. Kate run and kissed her mother. She felt very proud because being appreciated by one’s daughter as a mother was something every woman could wish for.

“I’ll really miss you, my friend… you are always welcome to my castle. Please do come.”

“We’ll miss you too. Come and visit us too…”

They left and Toritoya was once again filled with joy. Their King has returned back to the kingdom to rule them again. It was a cheerful time for all the Toritorians. It was their time to ask Kate and Matt something special. King Claudius came forward and asked the question.

“Dears, my Kate and Mattiz…. You have a choice to make. Do you prefer to live here as a future princess or want to go back to earth to lead an ordinary life? Whatever you choose, we are happy to accept.”

They both looked at each other and said

“Father, we had the most wonderful times of our life here in Toritoya… we got a wonderful mother, a brave father and many more. But, if I stay here I can only be the Queen, my best friend my sister Mattiz won’t be in the same place as I. I don’t think I am ready for it. I want to stay with her always like a good friend. If I get the power I am afraid that I will not be able to keep my promises o Matt… Father I know it’s difficult for you… I’ll miss it here, a lot… more than anyone can imagine. But I was with her from the beginning and I will be with her till the end.”

Kate hugged Matt. Trinisha and Roselet hugged them and whispered in their ears, “remember whenever you want us we’ll be there for you because we love you.”

Matt and Kate smiled at them it was time for Scarl and Carl to say goodbye.

“Kate, you were right about girls… girls can do something brave that even we boys fail to do… thanks for rejoining this family once again, we’ll miss you two a lot.”

They smiled at them and said goodbye… at last, their eyes were filled with tears… it was time for them to go… King Claudius said,

“Close your eyes. You’ll be there in no time… do remember these words my children we will be always there for you. We love you dears…”

Reluctantly they closed their eyes filled with tears. The words said by them rounded their head. They felt as sleeping. Suddenly they heard an alarm clock ringing… immediately Matt woke up.

“All these were a dream? I cannot believe this.” Stopped a while and sees Kate who was asleep, “Kate, wake up. Come on.”

“What is this Matt…? I am awake.”

“You won’t believe me… I saw a dream…. We were princesses. My name was Mattiz and you were…”


“But, how did you know that? So everything was for real? We have parents.”

Suddenly their guardian sister Ann came into their room and saw them all alive and pleasant.

“Thank goodness, you guys are awake. Kate and Matt dress up quickly… the ones to adopt you two have come up. I have explained everything to them. They are sisters so they will never separate you… come on quickly.”

Sister Ann went out of their room repeating the same thing. Matt stared anxiously at Kate. They both were very excited to hear that they saw the same dream, which was actually not a dream.

“Kate, what we will do now? We know our real parents, right?

“We will listen to Sister Ann now. Come on.”

Kate seemed to know about something. She didn’t say a word but got out of the room to see them.

“Kate, I am unable to understand you,” Matt told her when they were moving out of their room.

“You won’t understand now. We will see right now.”

Though Matt didn’t get a word, she followed her instructions. Suddenly they came closer to four familiar faces. Yes, it was them. Kate shouted out “mother, I knew you would come.”

Yes, it was none other than Queen Roselet, King Claudius, Queen Trinisha, and King Zebadiah. Matt was surprised to see them there.

They all hugged their daughters again and again.

“But mother, how did you come here?”

“I told you when you want us near you, we will be there.”

Queen Trinisha said to Matt, “we were restless without you dear.”

Matt cried, “Mother.”

Then Kate asked king, “but what about Kingdom Toritoya? Will we be able to go there again?”

“Yes, we can dear. Whenever you want just to say a word, we will be there in no time.”

“But what about now, who’s there to lead them?” Matt asked eagerly.

“They are in abled hands dears.” King Zebadiah smiled.

“Scarl and Carl?” Matt and Kate shouted out their names.

“Yes, of course… .”

They all laughed together. They lived on earth and Toritoya happily ever after to seek their new adventure.

Their fate had changed from Orphans to princesses. At last, they got a family, to laugh with them, to smile, to cry, and to share their sadness. They have a family. This is not an ending but a new beginning of life.


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