“Make a decision now, is it gonna be me or her?”, she shouted at Ernie. He looked back quietly as if he didn’t have an answer. She asked again now as an outcry. He stared at both of us, “I love you both…” now it was her turn to ask questions.

“What do you mean by both of us? You told me you fell in love with me not her. Was that all a lie?”, she yelled. Anie smiled inside without him noticing, being his best friend, she had seen many girls with whom he said he “fell in love”, but she knew with her it was different. He stood there in dilemma. Then he said, “Yes, I said you were the only one but that doesn’t mean that I should avoid her. She is my best friend.”

“Oh, that’s so sweet, choose now idiot!”

In the dilemma of choosing between his best friend and girlfriend, he didn’t have an answer to give them. Everything was falling apart in his life and the only thing that kept him going was the belief that he has his best friend who understood him and on the other side, his girlfriend gave him all the love she could, called him every now and then to see if he was doing fine. Well, both were precious to him. After all, both were the same person but at times, she missed Anie’s best friend’s side. Now for she has become a girlfriend she became so obsessed and possessive that he felt like he was trapped but still he loved her.

“I can’t do this. I am sorry. Anie, be what you want. Anyway, it’s you or none. I might have loved many ‘girls’ but you were the only one with whom I dreamt of having a family, traveling the world, doing pranks like we always do… I love you as a best friend more at times that doesn’t mean you cannot be a good girlfriend. I don’t even know why you would ask a question like that to me?”, he sighed.

She felt guilty now. “I am sorry Ernie, it is just that when I see other couples, they are different. They are not like us. I didn’t know which side of me makes you happy. I love to be your best friend but that doesn’t mean that you must tolerate a bossy girlfriend. Yes, don’t give that look, I know I am bossy. I am happy if you are happy if you wanna be with someone else, I am fine, but I don’t know how she is going to take that?”


“My other side, the girl who fell in love with you.”

This time he laughed. “See, I am lucky I get to date two people at once.”

 “That is not funny.”

“You will always be my best friend silly. Even if the other girl breaks up with me.”

“The other girl doesn’t like what she heard now. You are going to be punished.” She said in a childish way.

Both laughed, held hands and walked under the moonlight which seemed to be looking down smiling at them.

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