Sometimes I crave for love,
As if I’ve never felt loved.
Maybe a silent smile,
Held back just for me.
Perhaps a quiet, passionate look,
That can woo away my anxiousness.
Maybe a silent kiss,
Not on my body but my soul.

Love that will never be quenched.
A love where lust doesn’t own a place.
Just love, the way I crave it
Like I never felt loved before.

2 thoughts on “Love

  1. With a beautiful heart and soul
    It’s difficult to behold
    With the precious dreams
    And priceless beliefs
    In the material world
    Looking for an angel
    Is like in going into the ocean
    And searching that pebble
    In the deepest darkest depths
    But hope is own
    For with your own glow
    The magic can turn things flow
    You may see your own reflection
    Across the sea in the perfection
    So glow as bright as you can
    As you are searching to be loved
    There is someone looking to love
    Looking for that sparkle out of you

    Answers are all hidden within us
    Our wishes are tied with our limitations
    When we truly let go of them
    We enter into the land of accomplishments
    So I hope and wish
    What you seek
    Comes to you
    In ways you may even not realise.

    Cheers to you.
    Let the charm and resonance of words and thoughts flow.
    Write more.

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