Toxic Love

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You turned me into something I am not,
A monster that got used to the pain and torture.
Yeah, that’s what I am now,
A monster that enjoys your scream.

You told me everything would be alright,
To you, nothing I did was right.
The pain went on and on
Until our sweet memories surrendered and gone.

I found no reason to stay,
Nothing but reasons to go away.
The pain engulfed me wholly,
The girl who loved you slipped away to empty.
The one resurrected only knew the pain,
The torture that held her in vain.

Now you say I am different,
Yes, I accept; I am different.
Won’t stay to surrender my dignity
which you can take away with your toxic love.
Yes, I am different now,
Different in a way to realize what makes me happy
and you babe is not on the list.

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