Conundrum (Chapter 5 – Kiara Vinson)

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Angelyn stared at the mirror, hoping Cathy would be summoned, but she didn’t, “I guess I was a bit hard on her!” she sighed.

She laid down for some time and decided to go downstairs. As she got there, she saw her mother in the kitchen. She had a sudden urge to ask her about Cathy.

But she knew that would only hurt her mother. 

“Good morning Honey!” With a smile on her face, Dalia said, “Hope you are in a good mood now.”

She remembered how she behaved last night. “I guess I am. I wasn’t on my best behavior.” 

“That’s okay love. We all have bad days.” She continued cooking. Angelyn went closer and sat beside her. “Mom, If I ever had a sister what would you have named her?”

She stopped everything for a minute and stared at Angelyn for a second, and smiled. “If I had another daughter I would have named her Cathy after my grandmother. In fact I…”

She bit her lips as she sobbed. “In fact you had a sister Angelyn. She didn’t make it.” She looked at Angelyn, “She would have looked just like you. I am sorry I didn’t tell you earlier. I didn’t even get to see her. So I thought why bother you with a sad news?”

“It’s alright mom. You might see her soon.”

“What do you mean?”

“You will know when it’s time.” Dalia looked at her daughter, confused. Angelyn went back to her room. “Kelly needs my help.”

She locked her room and stood in front of the mirror. “I don’t know how this works but, I need you now Cathy. I need your help to set Kelly free.”

Just then, Cathy appeared in the mirror beside her, “Does that mean you forgive me?” Cathy asked, hoping for a positive response.

“Mmm… Too early to say. I don’t know what I feel right now…”

Cathy sighed. 

“… I got something to show you.” Angelyn turned on her laptop and searched for Kiara Vinson. She showed it to the mirror.

“You know I am right beside you, right?. You don’t have to show everything to the mirror. ” Cathy smiled. Angelyn suppressed her embarrassment.

“Do you know this girl?” 

“I don’t know her, but I had a strange dream last night about Kelly and she was there with her. And you won’t believe what I am going to tell you now. I found something about Arthur.” She told her what happened in the dream and showed her the picture of Arthur with Kiara in their wedding dress.

“What does this mean? Let me take a good look at Kiara.” Cathy stared into her picture. 

“We need to meet Kelly as soon as possible.” Cathy declared.

Angelyn knew whom she should call. She felt a little embarrassed about what she said to the Detective the previous day, but she knew he would help her. The Detective was more than happy to help them. 

“Before he comes, I have to do this right,” Angelyn continued, “I know you would not hurt me, and you will do everything to help Kelly. Only you can help her. So I will let you have control over me. You can be the dominant one. Just tell Kelly I miss her.”

Cathy didn’t know what to say. Angelyn placed her hand in the mirror, Cathy followed her lead. Their hands touched as Angelyn whispered underneath her breathe, closing her eyes, “I let you in.”

Cathy was absorbed back by Angelyn body. Cathy opened her eyes and saw her little self in the mirror. She smiled, realizing her sister believes in her. She stepped out of her room. 

“Where are you going?” asked a surprised Dalia.

“Oh, I am … I am going out with the Detective to …”

“Is he troubling you honey. I told him you don’t have anything to do with Kelly’s murder but, he is…”

 By then, the Detective was at the doorstep. Cathy saw her coming in, “Mommy, he is trying to help me find what happened to Kelly. Don’t worry I will be back soon.” She rushed towards him.

“So what changed your mind?” Asked Detective.

“Arthur Vinson changed Angelyn’s mind.” said Cathy. She narrated the whole story to him. 

“Wow… Kiara Vinson sounds familiar. Let me call a friend of mine.”

He took his smartphone and dialed a num, “Hey James, I need help. I am going to text a name to you. Just check in our database whether any missing case is registered under this name. Okay buddy. Thanks.” He texted the name to the number.

They didn’t waste their time talking. He straight away took Cathy to the place where Kelly was found dead. As they reached there, Cathy jumped out of the car. She went to the exact spot where she found Kelly lifeless. 

“Kelly, Can you hear me? Kelly?” Cathy called out. After some time, she saw Kelly.

“Kelly, it’s you. What happened? How did you end up here?”

Kelly didn’t open her mouth, she just stared at Cathy; she was dressed in white. She looked pale like a rotten radish. She kept on staring at Cathy, and finally she spoke, 

“You are not Angelyn!”  

“No I am not! I am Cathy.” She touched Kelly’s hand, and she remembered everything. 

“The girl in the attic!” Kelly exclaimed.

“Kelly… I need you to tell me what happened? Why did you want to meet Angelyn so badly that couldn’t wait till morning?”

“Arthur is not who we think he is! He is a murderer.” She continued.

“A week back, I was waiting for Angelyn at the florist. A girl who covered her face came closer to me and handed me a note, and left as if she was being chased. The note said, ‘Kelly, I know you are Angelyn’s best friend. She is in danger. Meet me at Hotel Stanley Way at 8 pm tonight, room no. 204 and I will tell you everything.’ It was signed with the initials K.V. At first, I thought it was a prank but, I couldn’t stop thinking about the note as Angelyn, and I went through the book the florist provided us to select the combination of flowers for her wedding. I didn’t want to scare Angelyn, so I didn’t tell her about the note.” Kelly stopped for some time and continued,

“I decided to go to Stanley Way anyway. ‘What if she is really in trouble?’ I thought. As I reached the entrance of the hotel, my heart pounded fast. I was scared to know the unknown. I took the lift to the second floor. As I reached in front of room no. 204, my shivering hands gently knocked on the door. The door opened with a shrieky noise, and I saw the same woman; she still covered her whole body. I could only see her eyes. She closed the door behind me and a note pad and started writing.”

‘Did someone follow you here?’ I read. 

“No, I don’t think so.”

‘I thought you wouldn’t come but I hoped you would.’ She wrote again.

I now knew something was up. I asked, “Why did you want to see me? How do you know me and Angelyn?”

I saw her sigh and write something. ‘I am Kiara Vinson, I was married to George Theodore, now he is Arthur Vinson.’

I read it many times to make sure I read it right. 

“You mean Arthur is your husband?”

Kiara nodded. “Why is he George then and Arthur now.”

‘He is a psychopath.’ She wrote. 

She slowly removed the shawl she used to cover herself. I stared at the bruises and cuts on her body, “Did he do this to you?”

She nodded again, ‘He even chopped off my tongue.’

“Jesus, this guy needs help. He needs to see a doctor.”

‘I have something for you. I made it in hope that you would come to see me.’ I stood there without knowing what to do. Then she placed something on the table and signed me to listen. It was audio, which she made using Lingraphica.

“George and I were very happy during the initial days of our marriage. I was so happy and thankful that I found my true love. Soon I noticed some changes in him. It started with his obsession with dying his hair black. Then little by little, the guy I fell in love with had many changes. Whenever questioned him, he used to say, ‘Going with the trend Hon.’ After some days, he had become someone I could barely recognize. 

Things started getting worse. One day he brought three beautiful dresses which I found in his closet. I was so fancied by his taste. I was so happy by his gesture to surprise me. I waited eagerly for the time he would give them to me to surprise me. I waited and waited, but he didn’t give them to me. Then I got miserable and decided to confront him. One evening I wore one of the dresses I found in his closet and waited for him to come from the office. He was pretty surprised to see in that dress. “Kiara, why are you in this dress?” He asked. 

“Why am I in this dress? You brought them for me right?” I was confused.

“No, they are for Therese, Rose and Belle.”

“Who are they?” He did give me a surprise.

“They are family. Next time I visit them I will introduce them to you.” He smiled and continued, “Now go put them where you found them.”

His answer pissed me off. I even thought he had an affair. But the next morning, he had a real surprise planned for me. “I think it’s time. Let’s visit our relatives.”

I didn’t know what to say. I packed my bag, and without wasting any time, we were on the road. “I am sure you are gonna love them.”

“I hope so.” I sighed.

We reached his mansion in two hours. But there was nobody there. The mansion was locked from outside. “Here comes the surprise.” He said. I looked around and found two men with a camera and flashlights. He did promise me a couple photo-shoot. “Wow, I thought you forgot about it.”

“Anything for you love.”

We had our photographs taken by them. Even though it was just one month after the marriage, I felt like it was my wedding day. He made it so special. We selected a bunch of photographs to frame too.

That night was when I saw the real George or whatever his real name is. He grabbed me in his arms and took me to the basement. As we went down the stairs, he started to talk, “Did you like it here?”

“I love it here.”

“Then shall we move in here?”

“Uh? but my job’s there. My family is there. What will we do here alone?”

“Who said you will be alone. You have many friends here.”

“Friends? What do you….” before I could complete my sentence, we were in the basement. There were many mannequins with their beautiful human-like features. “What is this George?”

“Kiara, meet Rose, Belle, and Therese.” He said as he approached three mannequins placed together. 

“What is this George. What have you done to them?” I got scared. 

“You are so mean… I preserved their beauty. That’s what I have done. I got rid of their misshaped body, and all that’s’ beautiful is their face on a perfectly shaped mannequin.”

That’s when I noticed a bunch of drillers, saws, and other kinds of tools. “George, Did you kill them?”

“Nah… I preserve them. I would rather call myself a collector. You would soon be one of them. I bet you would look beautiful. Belle would be so jealous.”

That’s when I realized I married a serial killer. There were cases of many girls gone missing. Many of the girls were orphans. As I stared at the mannequins, I remembered the photographs that appeared in the newspaper some time back. The latest was Belle Theodore. There were more than fifteen mannequins, all the missing girls!

“We must start the preserving procedure soon. The clock’s ticking.” He said as he pointed to the wall where my picture was pinned in, along with the photographs of my orphanage, my friends, and everyone I knew in my life. 

“Orphan girls bore me now. I have decided to change the pattern a little bit. You see the girl there, she’s Angelyn and I am gonna marry her next.” He said as he pointed to Angelyn’s picture. He started to research about her. That’s why maybe I had become the victim now. 

As he finished dressing up Belle with the new dress, he whispered in my ears “Now now, lets start with the tongue.”

(To be continued…)

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