The Candyman

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It’s already 5’o clock in the evening, and I am waiting at the bus stop near my school for someone to give me a ride back home. My Maths teacher thinks I am weak in mathematics, so she asked me to stay after school for special tuitions. Yesterday night she rang my mother and told her how weak I was in that subject; I wish she hadn’t done that. I didn’t like staying after school. I will have all those evil thoughts about everything.

Honestly, I am scared. What if something unfortunate happens here after 5 pm? My friends tell me that many kids of my age have gone missing for some hours while waiting for their parents or relatives to take them back home. They wouldn’t say what happened to them; they would stop coming to school or relocate to other places after the abduction. I lost touch with my best friend like that. She left the town without even saying goodbye to me.

The kids had a name for the person they assumed to abduct the kids; “The Candyman.” Some say he is just a friendly person who gives a ride to the young children, while others say he does evil things to the kids he provides a ride. By the way, I forgot to mention why he is named “Candy man.” It’s because he lures kids with lollipops and other candies, which the kids can’t resist.

I stared at my watch; it was already 5:30 pm. The road has been empty since I arrived at the bus stop. I usually walk to my home since it was around the corner. It’s tough to walk today for I was too tired after the class works she had given me. Not long after, I saw a minivan approaching the bus stop. The person driving the van was alone, but he looked friendly. He stopped the vehicle when he saw me and asked,
“Hey boy, you look like you could use a ride.” He said.

I was happy that he stopped, “Thanks, I was waiting for a long time for a bus or a bike. My home is nearby, will you able to drop me there?”

“Sure, hop in,” saying this, he opened the door for me.

As I entered, I noticed that it had a familiar smell. I think it smelled of candies. Is it the guy my friends were talking about? As I got in, the van started to move; he opened the dashboard close to him, which had all varieties of candies in it. Yes, it’s the Candyman! I politely rejected it. Yet he insisted, “Sure why not, one for my brother please.” He asked me such funny questions, and I gave him the answers the way he wanted.

“Are your parents home?”

“No, they are working late. My younger brother might be there waiting for me.” I lied; I saw that the man’s face shine as he heard it. I encouraged him further, “We don’t have any neighbors; it’s kind of an isolated place. I guess my parents don’t like noise.”

“I agree; the neighbors could be boisterous at times.” He smiled.

I instructed him on the directions towards my home. Everything seemed perfect, He didn’t try to hurt me like the others said, but his face looked creepy as he smiled between the talks. As we reached the front door to my house, he stopped,

“Why don’t you introduce me to your little brother? I shall give him this Candy and leave.”

“Oh why not? Thank you for being nice enough to give me a ride to my home. Would you like to come inside and have some nice tea?”

The man smiled as if I didn’t know what he was up to. I felt pity for this man, for he didn’t know what he ran into. This is why I hate evening classes. He made my best friend leave town, I shouldn’t feel bad for him, but you know, living among humans and hurting someone is difficult for me, but what should I do? My family had asked me to bring home dinner, and trust me, people like Candyman are so easy to catch.

The door opened with a shriek, and as expected, my mom pulled the man inside. He protested for some time in pain, but my mom was too strong for him to stop. Oh, I forgot to mention, “We are cannibals and we feed on humans like him.”

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