Image credit; Yulia Matvienko

“Are you excited for the first day at your school?” Lucy’s mom asked her in the middle of her phone call.

Honestly, Lucy wasn’t very excited. She has been changing schools for a long time because of her mom’s job, and it was pretty difficult for her to make friends. She knew that it didn’t matter what she felt because her mom would not listen to her anyway.

“Ya, super excited.” She said as she held on to the Batman’s Lego her father had gifted her on her 4th birthday. She missed her father very much; she often wondered if he were here, he would have been her best friend. But, now it is just her and the batman.

Lucy’s mom dropped her at school, “I know it is difficult for you baby, I promise I am not gonna change this place soon. You are gonna love it here. Trust me.” She placed a kiss on her forehead. Lucy smiled; it didn’t matter to her anyway. Nobody is going to befriend her, she thought. She is already ten, and the kids at the school probably have been studying together for a long time, so yeah, she will be the weird kid here.

She asked to visit the Principal’s office on the first day, so she went directly to the office. From there, she was taken to her classroom by her teacher Ms. Walleys. Ms. Walleys seemed very friendly to her. Maybe her mother was right; she should give this place a chance.

As she got inside, her teacher introduced her to the class. Someone from the pupils shouted, “Is that a batman lego? How old is she? 5?”

Other students laughed along with it. Ms. Walley asked everyone to stay silent. Lucy held back her tears, ‘Maybe she is a misfit after all.’ She didn’t say anything and moved to a vacant place; She felt suffocated. How could she even think that her classmates would accept her? She waited for the class to end. As the bell rang, she ran to the girl’s washroom and locked herself inside one cabin, and cried. She heard someone entering the girl’s washroom and tried to hush herself.

She heard a knock at the door. “In a minute.” She said with her voice cracking. She heard the other kid slowly opening her bag’s zipper. She placed something on the floor; it was a Superman Lego!

Lucy was surprised to see that. She slowly opened the door and searched for the owner of the superman Lego. There stood a young girl as tall as her with a wide smile on her face. Lucy picked up the Lego from the floor and handed it to her.

“Don’t mind Tom. He’s mean, nobody likes him.” Lucy tried to smile.

“I am Lucy,” she said finally.

“Hi Lucy, I am Trixie. It looks like Batman and Superman have to learn to stay friends.”

“Yeah.” Both laughed.

As she stepped out of the girl’s washroom, she knew she had made a friend, maybe her very first friend after her Daddy.


A short story, written in response to Sadje‘s What do You See #92 photo prompt.

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