Doom’s day

Photo by Raychel Sanner on

The sunsets again. Another day he wasted on escaping. He still hasn’t found what he was trying to escape from. The whole earth collapsed and there was nothing left to see. The earth was empty. The nuclear attacks have banished mankind completely out from Earth. Yet, he escaped the eyes of attackers; his very own species.

In the last few years, he has seen things that none of the humans could witness. Mother nature turned herself into a terrible beast, secreting a scent that affected the human mind. The scent made their senses go nuts, leading them to attack each other; like that of zombie effect. Many hid, yet some men who lacked humanity declared war against each other for dominance and shot and killed their very own kind. Somehow he wasn’t killed, he was saved- to see how the earth has turned itself from a caring mother to a terrible master of destruction.

He woke up again. The earth he knew was different now. The whole place looked more like a desert. There were no signs of life. What’s visible were buildings painted with blood, cars upside down on roads, bodies rotting away showing skeletons all over. He looked at himself, he had turned into a living dead body. He was skinny; his skin sticking to his bones, his rib cage was visible when he walked around the place; he had nothing to feed on. Furthermore, he cursed himself for being alive, he wanted to die.

The day arrived, it was time for him to leave earth. The last heir of humankind was going to bid goodbye to earth. Sun appeared brighter that day, its warmth was soothing not like the previous days, but it bought a sense of calmness to his mind. He came outside his tent and as soon as he stepped out, he found himself changing; becoming stronger. He didn’t know what was happening. He turned back to have a last look at the tent and saw his old self lay inside the tent lifeless. He stared at that body, he was dead.

A sound approached him, “Son of Adam.” He looked around to find the person who beheld the sound but couldn’t see anybody near. It continued, “It is I, the creator of Adam, your father.” Now he bent down on his knees, and bowed down his head, he said, “Father almighty, I realise you seek my soul back to where it belongs.”

Now the sound seemed to be smiling, “My child, your soul has always belonged to me, now with your death my very first mistake will be erased from earth. Man was my favourite creation, I created him different from other species. I gave him a mind of his own, different from others, and it did turn him into a devil, and he used his power to kill his own kind. Everything ends with your death.”

“Here I am, there is nothing I seek than being with you.”

“It’s time for us to leave. I have to recreate this world, now, with a lot of other new things and let’s not try humans this time.”

The light started to disappear, and his eyes slowly closed as he fell into a deep sleep. After a while, he woke up listening to the sound of birds chirping. A new man; a new soul with no memories of life but not on earth but the slight dimension of imagination. The same old Adam in his father’s very own garden; Paradise.

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