Once in every Seven years

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“I can’t go past that line and you know why!” Carmen said in a low voice.

“No, I don’t want to survive this without you. If you live, I live; if you die, I die with you.” Tony was hard to convince. Carmen tried again before it was too late.

Before she met him, Tony was a lonely soul. He grew up in an orphanage with a hurtful past in high school which forced him to stay away from people. It was her who gave him a new life, inspiring him to live and love his life. If he loses her, his only reason to be alive would be lost forever. That might make him go back to being the ‘Old Tony’, which he hated. She knew that too but, being an angel, she couldn’t go past the angelic line drawn to capture her.

Yes, she was one among the fallen angels who ran away from heaven to live the life of humans; they admired humanity. It didn’t take much time for the superior Arch Angels to notice the missing of some angels. They made traps to bring them back and those captured were punished severely in heaven.

An angel who fell in love with an ordinary man was not acceptable. She didn’t want to lose him, but as he stood there convincing her to go with him, she came closer, smiled and kissed him one last time and said, “Sleep tight, I love you.” There were tears in her eyes, and Tony knew what was going to happen. Before he could say something, he was among the crowd. All he could remember was his name and the place he lived. He forgot all about Carmen and their love.

After all, leaving him all alone with their memories would hurt him more than becoming the ‘Old Tony’, she thought. Until she falls again, she let his memory play hide and seek. Once in every seven years, she turns the life cycle and comes back to earth. Yet, she couldn’t change their destiny for an angel, and a mortal never belonged together. Until found by the Archangels, she lived their love story all over again trying to dodge their fate. Some love stories never have an ending. It continues forever, and this was her “never ending” love story.

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