The Sinner

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God’s morning star;
His favourite son
pushed down to Hell,
The gracious heart of his Papa forgave the whole world
but forgot him.

There is worse in this world,
Yet everyone blames the first sinner.
They blame it as “his temptations.”
Satan, Lucifer, the devil himself,
Samael, the prince of darkness,
he goes by many names.

The sinner lost everything.
Well, I guess the sinner won everything.
Heaven would be dull,
but Hell would be fun.
Not that you burn, and it’s hot like fun.
He gets to punish the other sinners,
the ones who did the sin and blamed it on his name.

To the world, he might be a spoilt child,
abandoned by his mighty father.
Indeed, he was his favourite.
He chose him to torture the sinners.
I guess it’s not a curse but a boon
To rule the Hell!
As I think of him from another perspective,
He does the most exciting job of all.

But, the pretenders like it heaven
When they genuinely deserve the Hell.
Well, don’t get the wrong idea here,
I don’t adore the prince of darkness,
nor am I his fan or preacher.
But I think of him as an angel
who deserved a second chance
and something much better.

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