A Letter from Future Greta!

Photo by Julia Filirovska on Pexels.com

Greta was shocked when she opened the envelope and saw that it was a letter from someone. “Jeez who writes letter these days…”

As she opened it, she grew more curious; she read the first sentence aloud in surprise, “Dear 25 year old Greta, you are making the greatest mistake of your life by marrying Jeffery.” 

“Seriously, who plans pranks like this!”

She continued reading, “You may find this difficult to believe. But trust me, you are gonna find someone way better than him. Okay, so you don’t trust me. I know it’s hard to believe that your five-year relationship is a scam. Trust me; he is a jerk. Well, you may be wondering how I know this. Well, I will get to that towards the end. I believe that you will receive this letter two-three days prior to your wedding day. I hope you have met Victoria already and I know she seems nice.”

“Yes, Victoria is great; she is the kindest person I met from Jeffery’s family. What is this letter trying to say?”

She continued reading, “Well, Vic is not Jeffery’s family. Everybody knows her because Vic and Jeff are childhood friends. They are very fond of each other and trust me, they both secretly love each other but didn’t confess because they were scared that they might lose each other. The night before your wedding, she’s going to confess that, and you will be heartbroken because he is going to choose her instead of you, Greta!”

“WHAT THE HELL!” Greta didn’t want to read more.

“I don’t believe this shit!”

“Jeffery is going to meet Victoria the night before your wedding, and girl, he is going to come up with some random excuses to meet up with her. You still don’t believe me? Okay. Listen carefully when Jeffery’s phone rings at your rehearsal dinner. Victoria is going to drunk call Jeffery. Will you believe me then?

Hoping you won’t make the same mistake as I did

Future You.”

The ‘future you’ kinda freaked Greta out. Well, who would believe that? Will you accept a letter written to you by your future you? I don’t think I will. Well, Greta wasn’t me. She was terrified by the letter. She waited for the rehearsal dinner, which would confirm everything. If the letter is truly from her future self, then her predictions wouldn’t go wrong, so what if the prediction turns out to be false? Then someone would be planning a prank on her, she thought. Someone desperately wants her to break up with Jeffery. She started to watch Victoria and Jeffery closely. Since Greta liked Victoria, she wanted her to be the maid of honour at their wedding; now that she had this doubt on her mind, she thought of reconsidering. ‘What if the things mentioned in the letter is actually true?’

“Tonight’s rehearsal night!” an anxious Greta took a deep breath. She read the letter once again. She closely examined the handwriting and found it similar to hers. “Maybe the future me is trying to help me.” Greta said to herself. She didn’t talk about the letter to anyone. As she got ready to leave the hotel to the reception hall, her best friend, Greg, noticed her face, which reflected the things going inside her head.

“Are you okay?”

“Apart from the choice of flowers, I’m okay.”


“Yeah, I wanted orchids, but Jeff wanted lilies. so…”

“So your face is like this because of the flowers?”

She hummed and nodded her head.

“Liar, you think you can lie to me. You know you can tell me anything right?”

She sighed and took out the letter from her pocket.

“What is this?” asked a confused Greg.

“A letter from my future self.” He started laughing.

“Go on, laugh as much as you want, but what if the shit written in it is the truth?”

“What is it that’s making you nervous?” he grabbed the letter from her and started to read it.

“Are you stupid, Greta? Have you seen the way Jeff looks at you? Sometimes I wish I had someone like him to stare at me like that. I don’t know why future you doesn’t see that. Maybe it’s just a prank. Tomorrow is your wedding, this is gonna be okay. If something happens we will know right? I am here for you.”

Greta hugged him tightly; she felt foolish to question Jeff’s love. She pulled herself together and got in the car. Maybe this could be something that they could laugh about in future. She hushed down the thoughts inside her head.

She saw the lights at the reception hall’s front door as her car entered the front gate. She saw Jeff waiting there with a bouquet to welcome her. She remembered when he said he loved her for the first time. A smile sprouted on her lips, making her go all red.

Jeff greeted her with a hug and kissed her forehead gently; she felt guilty for doubting him. They entered the hall with the family from both sides. A little later, her eyes started to look for Victoria, “that’s strange, my maid of honour is missing. How can she miss our rehearsal dinner?”

“I didn’t notice that till now, let me call her.” His phone started to ring with Victoria’s name on it as he said that.

“Oh, she is calling me!”

“Hey Vic, where are you? How can you miss your best friend’s rehearsal dinner?”


“Hello… You don’t sound good. Are you okay?”


“What?! Where are you? You are drunk, aren’t you?”

Greta listened to their conversation, crossing her fingers; things were happening just like the letter had mentioned. She could see that Jeff was worried about her. He ended the call and ran outside the hall. Greta ran after him.

“What is it? Where are you going?”

“Victoria, she needs me, I will tell you everything when I come back.”

“Let me come with you.” 

“This is something I have to deal with. It won’t take time. I will come back to you soon.” He placed a kiss on her forehead and headed to his car. Greta was not okay; she called Greg and told him what had happened. He arrived with his car and started following Jeff.

“What if the letter was true? Why would Jeff leave our rehearsal dinner?” Greta started crying. Greg didn’t know how to console her.

Then they saw Jeff’s car entering a pub. They stopped the car a few miles away and followed him inside the pub. He entered a dark room where the music was too loud. Greta stood behind the door and held Greg’s hand. 

“I don’t want to find out the truth; what if they are the ones meant to be? I don’t care what the letter says. But I don’t want to ruin anything for them. If I leave now, he wouldn’t have to feel embarrassed when he meets me again. You go inside and tell me if the letter describes the truth. If it is the truth, let’s leave. I don’t want to see them together.”

Greg patted her shoulders and entered the room. Greta stayed outside leaning to the walls, closing her eyes. Suddenly the music stopped. Greg started running towards her; he shook her, “You got to see this. Come with me.”

Greta followed Greg, not knowing what was happening. When she entered the room, the room was lit up. She saw Jeff standing close to a sober Victoria and their family members. Jeff had a mic in his hand, 

“Greta, remember the time you told me how our love felt so easy and how you wish it had some troubles and fights and insecurities like other couples? I could never stay angry with you; I purposefully let you win every argument, let you wear my hoodies, and never felt insecure with you because I know you love me. But to make you smile, I would go to the edge of the earth. Your wish has been granted, and I forgot, remember the time you said you wanted a wild rehearsal dinner party at a pub? Here you go!”

Then suddenly a poster with their picture appeared on the screen. Greta looked around to see everyone at the reception hall inside the pub. Greg gave her a big smile, letting her know that he was also a part of this plan. She punched him a little too hard and ran to Jeff, who stood waiting for her at the stage. She was speechless by the grand gesture.

“You are one crazy mad person.”

“That I am, just for one person.”

6 thoughts on “A Letter from Future Greta!

  1. You could definitely see your skills in the work you write. The world hopes for even more passionate writers like you who are not afraid to say how they believe. Always go after your heart.


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