The Good Girl

Image Source: Pinterest

the little munchkin of her father
didn’t realise that sometimes prioritising
herself was not a sin
to let herself be wild and free
did not make her a rebel
to feel what she felt and to be what she wanted to be
did not make her a rebel, either
she only knew to be polite and gentle
so when life gave her lemons
the good girl cried, wondering
what to do with them
she could have made a lemonade
or a desi Indian pickle
or whatever she wanted but,
the good girl only knew to cry

no-no, she was not forced into situations
well, she was given ‘choices’
the thing with choices confused her
so she used to end up choosing
what was already chosen for her
or guilt-tripped right into the chosen one.
the good girl may have made others happy.
but she failed herself to an absolute end
if an advice I may give
be whatever you want to be, but never a good girl


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