You and Me

On that sunny morning at that hilltop, I couldn’t take my eyes off the bench which would have been a perfect spot for both of us. I craved your presence, but you weren’t there with me. We would sit there on that green bench, you and me. I might be holding a cup of chai and you, your coffee. You would finish your coffee in one sip and ask me for my chai; I would deny but give you anyway. We would laugh, check out other couples walking by, and say how different we were. Oh, I wish you were … Continue reading You and Me

Crimson’s Creative Challenge-The Meme

“Is this a joke?” Asked Ginger when I showed her the photograph. I laughed internally and asked her, “Why, isn’t the baby seal cute?” “Nevermind, I thought you were teasing me about “that day” at the beach.” This time I couldn’t control myself; I laughed loudly. “No, you didn’t!” She came running and grabbed my phone, and swiped to the next photograph. Her eyes widened with shock, “I am gonna kill you for this, Fredd!” I made a meme with her photograph at the beach with the same pose dressed in her black and white smoky bikini with the caption, “Twinning … Continue reading Crimson’s Creative Challenge-The Meme

The reminder- (Cyranny’s 1min fiction)

A reminder It’s been six months since our breakup. Yeah, I have been counting days. As I jog through my ex-girl friend’s block to get a glance of her, the cycle I gifted her on our first anniversary cheers me up. This gesture convinced me that, “She hasn’t moved on yet.” But today I couldn’t find my blue bicycle with the flower basket just the way she liked it. Instead, there was a motorbike carrying a monstrous helmet in its hands. I guess it’s the sign for me to convince myself that I gotta move on. __________________________________ #1MinFiction Thank you … Continue reading The reminder- (Cyranny’s 1min fiction)