Mystery of Kingdom Toritoya (Part 9)

“What did I do my King?” Looking at Queen Drusilla, who was weeping out loud, Claudius ordered, “Free Sarai Roselet…. You know the pain of a mother who had lost her daughter.” Rose was surprised to hear it. She wondered how he came to know about hiding Sarai. “I told him, mother. I found my talent. I can see things that happened before and can even predict the future too… please do forgive your old friend… she needs your help now… if your friendship was true then set her free.” Those words from her daughter were enough to make her … Continue reading Mystery of Kingdom Toritoya (Part 9)

Mystery of Kingdom Toritoya (Part 8)

“Oh dear tell me where she’s? Is she safe?” There were a lot of questions she wanted to ask. “Yes, she is fine. But before that, we’ve to rescue the king.” She smiled and led the way to the prison, Kate followed her. She became very anxious to see her father as they went closer and closer. On the way she found Matt, she was surprised to see Kate with the Queen, curiously she stammered, “Kate, what is going on? Why is she with you? Aren’t you supposed to kill her?” “Matt, I will tell you everything once we complete … Continue reading Mystery of Kingdom Toritoya (Part 8)

Mystery of Kingdom Toritoya (Part 7)

“It’s not something that your mother can tell you. It’s something that you have to find on your own. Well, going back to the story. The death of her father by Javan made her so angry. Actually he didn’t want to kill the king but this all happened accidently. She couldn’t understand me. She ordered her army to declare war. We fought continuously for four years. My father and husband died. Toritoya had victory over our kingdom. When I came to know the Unforeseen fate my husband had to face, I felt very helpless. I wanted to go from here … Continue reading Mystery of Kingdom Toritoya (Part 7)

Mystery of Kingdom Toritoya (Part 6)

Scarl did identify him, “Majesty, King Claudius wake up, we are here to rescue you from prison.” The king woke up; he was very surprised to see the boys there, “How did you get in here? How did you find me?” Boys looked at each other, “We will tell you everything my King. Now let us help you get out of this cage once, and then we will explain everything to you.” Carl went on looking for the keys while Scarl stayed with the King explaining everything from the return of the princesses to Kates’s bravery to look for you … Continue reading Mystery of Kingdom Toritoya (Part 6)

Mystery of Kingdom Toritoya (Part 5)

“We should have someone who knows about Martitoyam to help us, why shouldn’t we ask Scarl and Carl to help us?” Matt suggested. “Oh that’s a good idea, I didn’t think about that.” “Yes… I knew you would agree with that. Let’s go and save your dad Kate.” Kate and Matt left their kingdom to look for them. They heard everything patiently. Scarl and Carl looked confused, “But how do we know that the King’s there?” “You don’t worry about that. Something is pulling me there; I know he’s there. I can feel it in my bones.” “If you guys … Continue reading Mystery of Kingdom Toritoya (Part 5)

Mystery of Kingdom Toritoya (Part 4)

“Guess whom I found! Scarl and Carl… Don’t you recognise them?” Matt exclaimed. “We thought you wouldn’t remember us… it’s a grant surprise princess…” Scarl bowed in front of Kate. She bowed back and said, “Then… you were wrong ha-ha.” Carl, who seemed to be more attractive with his charming smile said, “Yeah, I have always told him that you princesses won’t forget their childhood friends… but still I am surprised, you two were just 3 years and you guys remember us. Can you imagine the happiness you guys brought with you to this kingdom!” “Same here, Carl…” “Ha-ha. We … Continue reading Mystery of Kingdom Toritoya (Part 4)

Mystery of Kingdom Toritoya (Part 3)

The Queens were worried and asked them about the matter that was troubling them. Happy yet sad, Kate said to her mother “Oh’ mother. It’s not what you are thinking. We are very happy here… well, in fact the happiest moment in our life.” Kate stopped “Then what’s the matter? Tell us.” “We have seen our mothers, but we are curious to see our Fathers too. When shall we meet them?” Suddenly Queen was silent, she didn’t know how to answer her daughter. She couldn’t help but cry, tears started to roll down her cheek. Kate noticed the sudden change, … Continue reading Mystery of Kingdom Toritoya (Part 3)

Mystery of Kingdom Toritoya (Part 2)

“Princesses?!” Both exclaimed in surprise. “Don’t you remember the lines of the song dear?” One among the stranger asked to them. “Yes, of course we do.” Both said in excitement. Then Kate exclaimed, “Hey, ‘someday you’ll find us, when you hear this song, that we’re singing’, those lines, that’s how you you’ve found us?” “We’ve found you two. Great! I know you guys have a lot of questions on your mind. That would be answered by the queen herself.” Matt was still standing there shocked. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing or hearing. Kate laughed, “If they said, we … Continue reading Mystery of Kingdom Toritoya (Part 2)