Second Chance

Last night the phone rang continuously but, I wasn’t interested in talking to anyone. Every year when this day comes, I get paralyzed. August 26, a terrible day! I get nightmares, where I see her repeating the same words she said to me five years ago, “It’s better we stay away from each other.” These words get repeated in my dreams, I can even see how her expressions were when she said these heartbreaking words to me. Best friend, that’s what I thought we were but, it looks like we weren’t even friends. Alas, how could she break a friendship … Continue reading Second Chance

A Love Unconfessed

Image source: Pinterest As I lay in bed with him, all I could think about was her. Her smile for which I fell for, the way her eyes twitched when she smiled, Oh God I miss her. I miss her beside me, I miss her touch, her hands around me, well, the list goes on… my point is I miss everything about her. I still remember the day I met her. Like every other day, I was boarding my train to my college. Surprisingly, this girl got my eyes. I felt like I knew this one for her face looked … Continue reading A Love Unconfessed

The Unworthy Love

The rain was pouring wildly that night, so was she. Anyone who knew her could see that she cried out all night just with a glance at her face. Even if her ‘friends’ ask her about it she would say it was nothing and smile but, her Whatsapp status had another story to tell. Well, if someone asked her about her status she would argue and say, “should I really go through them just because I posted it?” And hush them up. She was found to be a difficult girl to interact with but she wasn’t and only he knew … Continue reading The Unworthy Love

My Bestie’s ‘You-know-who’

I looked at the moon, it was extra bright that night but it was alone, just like me. I looked around I see my best friend holding hands with her boyfriend. Third wheel again! Sometimes I felt like we were not best friends anymore. I hated him since I knew she liked him. He was there every time; when we went for shopping or for watching a movie, he was just there, trying to take her away from me. The worst thing was she said everything to him, literally everything. Duh, I was supposed to be the one she tells … Continue reading My Bestie’s ‘You-know-who’

Beauty with a Melodious Voice

“Ew… not her! I need someone fairer to be my pair. I would rather not dance than choosing her.” The little boy cried. Aarthi just stood there, her head little lowered, without saying anything. Since childhood, Aarthi had been feeling this ignorance just because of her colour. Black, a colour which was considered to be the colour of classy in fashion stayed ignored when it came to skin. She tried her best not to be bothered by the colour she owns, but when it came to socializing with people she pulled herself back from the groups. She started to accept … Continue reading Beauty with a Melodious Voice

Someone special

Well, we all have someone special in our lives, don’t we? I have someone special in my life. Well, he is someone who gets worried about me when I get sick or all alone(pretty much every time). (Pst… don’t jump to conclusions. Hear me out completely) He is someone who gives me a hell lot lecture on ‘boy’s world’ ( phew, who does that these days). He is someone who scolds, teases (on my poor choice of crushes), loves and cares ( but he doesn’t say ). But … he is also someone who is left apart. He stays with … Continue reading Someone special