Conundrum (Chapter 2 – The girl in the attic)

The Detective didn’t know what was happening. He was scared and confused. “You look like a person I can trust; I think Doctor Firoz was wrong about you; he said you were pretty hideous but, what choice do I have. Well, I can’t let my sister be accused of something she didn’t do,” She said. The Detective gulped and stayed tied to his seat, all frozen, “What do you mean, Angelyn? You are scaring me now. Normally I am not frightened, but you make me feel terrified. I don’t understand.” The Detective said, almost shivering. “I am Angelyn’s twin sister; … Continue reading Conundrum (Chapter 2 – The girl in the attic)


I was in love with the most amazing guy in the world, but I messed up. Well, what should I expect after hurting him? I kept the phone aside and sighed on seeing his two-years-ago uploaded Facebook profile picture. Memories started to rush in from the first day I met him to the last goodbye we shared. I remember the goodbye so clearly, I wanted to pull him closer and cry, begging him to stay, but I knew leaving him was better for both of us.  He might be thinking about how love broke him, but it wasn’t love that … Continue reading Memories

In a Dilemma

Prathana woke up from her sleep. Reluctantly, she stood up from the bed. She grabbed her cell phone and checked time, “11 am”. She carried herself to the washroom, where she saw herself in the mirror. She pitied herself. Her eyes looked red and swollen because of the way she cried all night. She tried to remember when she dozed off in between those silent sobs, but, she failed. Suddenly her phone rang. She didn’t feel like talking to anyone, so she ignored the call. She grabbed her toothbrush, towel and shower gel from her shelf and went to the … Continue reading In a Dilemma

The idea of love

“I wonder how love feels like.” sighed Yasmine as she looked into a photograph of a couple jogging on the beach-side from a magazine kept near to her bed. COVID19 restructured the whole world. As time passed, things got worse. The virus evolved into something that could affect anyone in pair. Rules changed, the way people lived altered eventually. It became mandatory that a house should accommodate only one person. People hardly had any human connection. The government took care of the people. Once in every two days, necessities were delivered to each house by the suppliers. Specialised robots designed … Continue reading The idea of love

Fallen Angel

The young Lucifer’s face shined as his father picked him up, “Oh my dear son, you are my favorite. I love you the most.” Suddenly it felt like the place trembled. Lucifer woke up with tears in his eyes. There was nothing there but, darkness. His red eyes glowed in them. Yes, the greatest evil of all was alone, hated and unloved. The people in all three worlds were afraid of him. He wished if someone could look at him with love and kindness instead of what he received- well, all blamed him when someone did something evil as if … Continue reading Fallen Angel