My Soulmate

Jessie who works at a magazine which investigates and writes articles on myths and beliefs is assigned to work with a colleague to find more about a statue which is believed to be magical. Since Jessie doesn’t believe in soulmates because of her past experiences with relationships, she finds it conflicting with her belief and her work. Continue reading My Soulmate

Second Chance

Last night the phone rang continuously but, I wasn’t interested in talking to anyone. Every year when this day comes, I get paralyzed. August 26, a terrible day! I get nightmares, where I see her repeating the same words she said to me five years ago, “It’s better we stay away from each other.” These words get repeated in my dreams, I can even see how her expressions were when she said these heartbreaking words to me. Best friend, that’s what I thought we were but, it looks like we weren’t even friends. Alas, how could she break a friendship … Continue reading Second Chance

Kelly’s One-horned De Vile

It was getting dark. The chirping of birds was getting louder. Within few hours, the darkness engulfed the place. The chirping was no longer heard; it appeared like they were fast asleep except for the crickets. Roni, still in his room, was staring down his window. He wasn’t simply staring; he observed the shadow which seemed to be hiding behind the bushes. As he focussed more, he made out a figure. It had a long tail as well as a horn. It appeared to be staring back at him, for he could see two eyes looking through him as the … Continue reading Kelly’s One-horned De Vile

A Love Unconfessed

Image source: Pinterest As I lay in bed with him, all I could think about was her. Her smile for which I fell for, the way her eyes twitched when she smiled, Oh God I miss her. I miss her beside me, I miss her touch, her hands around me, well, the list goes on… my point is I miss everything about her. I still remember the day I met her. Like every other day, I was boarding my train to my college. Surprisingly, this girl got my eyes. I felt like I knew this one for her face looked … Continue reading A Love Unconfessed


  “I don’t like the way he gets all the privileges here. All he does is take the orders and give them. Look at me, I do a lot. I take care of finance and take orders sometimes; I even do the food delivery. Yet, I am considered less than him”, complained Jess to Cass a little too annoyed about Gem. Gem, Jess, and Cass have been working in Mc Donald’s for a pretty long time. They work there at night and go to college in the morning. Jess and Cass used to go to the same college while Gem … Continue reading Witchcraft

My Lucy

“Bite from a spider turns you to Spider-Man, saved by a cat from death you become Cat Woman… mmm… I wondered what I have to do to become a Vampire, of course, a bite but, I have never seen a Vampire before.” The words from a 6-year old child I met at the hospital made me curious. I wanted to know what she had to say. Her eyes stared at mine and she looked back. “Why do you want to be a Vampire dear? Those are monsters, won’t do good to anyone.” “Hmm… I don’t think all monsters are evil.” … Continue reading My Lucy

Without You!

‘No, he can’t be that handsome, or is he?’, I wondered trying to remember the way I met him. I was waitressing a table today and this guy with hazel eyes and a huge smile of his face approached me and asked: “How much do I have to pay for that beautiful smile?” I was blushing yet I asked, “Excuse me?” “Yeah, I know it is a bit too fast to make ‘the move’ on you but honestly I couldn’t resist the smile you have on your face,” he stopped and looked at me, I was embarrassed. He noticed it … Continue reading Without You!

A Brothel Story (3)

Pranav stood behind the door from the other side, which made him helpless. He ran away before she could catch him. Aansha cried and begged to let her go, “Amma, let me go… he loves me; he is not like the ones from your stories. He cares about me, let me go Amma. Let us live our lives.” “He loves you? That’s what you think? Now see, I scared him off, and he ran away. He would never come back for you, because that’s what they always do. They ran away when things go wrong.” She shouted. Looking at Aansha who … Continue reading A Brothel Story (3)