Conundrum (Chapter 7 – Spirits of the Mannequins (Part 2))

Cathy was not surprised; she went closer to the isolated room and unlocked it. The room seemed different. The wall was painted in yellow tint with some photographs on it. She had a closer look at them; some of the pictures were of a young woman with a little boy while others were single photographs of the woman. The woman seemed very pretty; the young boy near her looked delighted. He resembled Arthur. Cathy figured out that the little boy could be Arthur, but who was this lady? She turned around and saw someone sitting in the corner of the room. Cathy … Continue reading Conundrum (Chapter 7 – Spirits of the Mannequins (Part 2))

Conundrum (Chapter 6 – Spirits of the Mannequins (Part 1))

The pain stayed for several days. I couldn’t eat anything. I thought he would starve me to death, but he didn’t. He injected the fluid system and fed me almost every day. I don’t know what made him a psychopath. I just needed to save myself. That’s when he told me, “I have packed your bag. We are going on a business trip and guess who is going to be there- Angelyn Lionel.” I felt bad for this girl; I hoped for her not to fall for this guy, but when I saw him smile as he reached our apartment, … Continue reading Conundrum (Chapter 6 – Spirits of the Mannequins (Part 1))

Conundrum (Chapter 5 – Kiara Vinson)

Present-day Angelyn stared at the mirror, hoping Cathy would be summoned, but she didn’t, “I guess I was a bit hard on her!” she sighed. She laid down for some time and decided to go downstairs. As she got there, she saw her mother in the kitchen. She had a sudden urge to ask her about Cathy. But she knew that would only hurt her mother.  “Good morning Honey!” With a smile on her face, Dalia said, “Hope you are in a good mood now.” She remembered how she behaved last night. “I guess I am. I wasn’t on my … Continue reading Conundrum (Chapter 5 – Kiara Vinson)

Conundrum (Chapter 4 – Arthur Vinson)

Nine months back.  Angelyn is at a business meeting. She came there to represent her company ‘After You.’ After her presentation, she was pretty bored. She checked her phone now and then to see the time. It felt like the time was moving pretty slow. That’s when she noticed a handsome young man coming up next to present his company. She didn’t listen to anything he said; she just looked at him and slipped into dreamland, which she usually makes up whenever a ‘crush’ is involved. Angelyn came out of the dreamland when she heard the host’s voice inviting everyone to … Continue reading Conundrum (Chapter 4 – Arthur Vinson)

Conundrum (Chapter 3 – Confronting the Past)

Angelyn took some time to understand where she was. She stared at the Detective and asked, “Where are you taking me, Detective? I already told you the things I know.” The Detective realized that Cathy was not there anymore. “Oh my, not now.” He said to himself. “You don’t understand, Angelyn.” “Do you care to explain?” Her face turned red with a fretful whimper. “I am… I was…” Cathy couldn’t stay silent anymore. Meeting Angelyn was one of her greatest fear. She did know she had to face her sooner or later, but this is too soon. This was not how she … Continue reading Conundrum (Chapter 3 – Confronting the Past)

Conundrum (Chapter 2 – The girl in the attic)

The Detective didn’t know what was happening. He was scared and confused. “You look like a person I can trust; I think Doctor Firoz was wrong about you; he said you were pretty hideous but, what choice do I have. Well, I can’t let my sister be accused of something she didn’t do,” She said. The Detective gulped and stayed tied to his seat, all frozen, “What do you mean, Angelyn? You are scaring me now. Normally I am not frightened, but you make me feel terrified. I don’t understand.” The Detective said, almost shivering. “I am Angelyn’s twin sister; … Continue reading Conundrum (Chapter 2 – The girl in the attic)

Conundrum (Chapter 1 – Kelly’s murder)

“I will destroy you and everything you have ever cared about.” Angelyn cried as she stood near her best friend’s lifeless body. “You do realize that includes you, right?” said Arthur, Angelyn’s fiance who happened to be there in the crime scene bathed in blood. That made him the prime suspect in the murder of Kelly Wincostin. “Oh hell yeah, I am counting on it,” Angelyn said as she swallowed her anger.  Arthur seemed calm for the deed he had done. He neither accepted nor denied the accusations pour down on him. Angelyn was not ready to hand over Kelly’s … Continue reading Conundrum (Chapter 1 – Kelly’s murder)

The Host

Hayes opened his eyes as if he had seen a nightmare. When he touched his bed, it seemed wet. He was sweating. The same dream had been troubling him for a few days now. The past kept coming back to him no matter how much he tried to bury it. His parents; they slaughtered all the children overnight in their village and told him, “Whatever the police tell you, whatever you hear on the news, Remember that Hon, Mommy and Daddy love you, and we did all this for you.” They said this and triggered the gun in their hands and killed … Continue reading The Host