Some times HSP is seen as some made up behavior exhibited to get attention. But it isn’t. They just feel every emotion in intense. Can we blame them for that? Everyone has at least one friend whom you call sensitive or cry baby. Just accept them for who they are Continue reading Realizations

My Soulmate

Jessie who works at a magazine which investigates and writes articles on myths and beliefs is assigned to work with a colleague to find more about a statue which is believed to be magical. Since Jessie doesn’t believe in soulmates because of her past experiences with relationships, she finds it conflicting with her belief and her work. Continue reading My Soulmate


“Why is mommy sleeping?” Freddie stared at the coffin and asked Hans. Hans couldn’t find words to answer that. He handed little Fred to his sister, Anna. Freddie repeated the same question to her, “Aunt Anna, why mommy won’t wake up? Is she angry with little Freddie?” He stared into her eyes for answers. Anna went speechless for a second. “Oh dear Fred, Mommy is not angry with you. She is sick, she will wake up when she feels right. Now listen to Aunt Anna, go to your room and play.” “Okay…”He stared back at the coffin, “Can I give … Continue reading Mommy!

The Atwoods

“No Gilda, I cannot do it. I have never been a baby sitter. And you know how much I hate them, well”, in a low voice, I continued, “how much they hate me?”   She rolled her eyes. “You and your insecurities Nova, I don’t have time for this now. We have already talked about your overthinking a million times. You gotta stop doing that. Well, to start with, nobody hates you. After all, it’s just for a night. If I didn’t have plans with Liam, I wouldn’t have troubled you.” I saw her face in the mirror. I didn’t want … Continue reading The Atwoods

Syde; The Bee Queen

Sometimes you need to move on from people who never wanted you in the first place. My parents tell me they adopted me as a baby when I was just a few days old. They think that I have the right to know about my past. I just needed some time to accept it, that’s all. Suddenly, knowing that all you had was never yours is quite sad. I was sitting by the window minding my own business, then came a bee out of nowhere buzzing near my ears. I tried to shoo it away, but whatever I did, it … Continue reading Syde; The Bee Queen

Lost Sister (Part 2)

He rushed down the stairs, Maria was in the kitchen. When she saw him running, she stopped him, “Hey, where are you going this morning so hurriedly?” He didn’t stop running, as he opened the front door, he shouted, “To bring Paul home.” “Well, slow down, you might end up falling.” He was on the run. Finally, when he reached the river bank, he called out her name. She saw what he had in his hands. She smiled and took Jersey in her hands and took it closer to her nose. Within seconds, Greggie saw Paul right in front of … Continue reading Lost Sister (Part 2)

Lost Sister (Part 1)

Rain poured down heavily that night. There was no light anywhere except for the lightening. A man who was walking nearby a lake heard a baby’s cry. He couldn’t leave the baby there, so he went to the direction from where he heard the sound. There he saw a baby wrapped in with a white cloth. ‘How could someone leave a baby out here?’, he wondered. He couldn’t leave without the baby. He took her in his hand. She stopped crying as he held her close. He smiled and walked carrying the baby with him. ————————— Sunlight coming through the window woke … Continue reading Lost Sister (Part 1)

The Little Girl

St. Mary’s, an abandoned asylum on the roadside, locked for years. Recently, people who came across the road claimed that their car broke down in front of the asylum and something about a little girl staring at them and when they tried to talk to her, she ran to the asylum and disappeared. It was strange, for there were no houses nearby. When the number of complaints increased, Cathy Longwing was assigned by the head office to deal with this supernatural case. She, along with her teammates, visited the asylum. Like others, they also saw a little girl who vanished … Continue reading The Little Girl