Doom’s day

The sunsets again. Another day he wasted on escaping. He still hasn’t found what he was trying to escape from. The whole earth collapsed and there was nothing left to see. The earth was empty. The nuclear attacks have banished mankind completely out from Earth. Yet, he escaped the eyes of attackers; his very own species. In the last few years, he has seen things that none of the humans could witness. Mother nature turned herself into a terrible beast, secreting a scent that affected the human mind. The scent made their senses go nuts, leading them to attack each other; like that of … Continue reading Doom’s day

Welcome to the Virtual Earth

Have you ever wondered about a situation where you are asked to leave earth? You know what, no matter how hard we try, there won’t be another Earth. So preserve, protect and take care of the Earth we have before it is too late! Lets hope We don’t have to go our separate ways just like little Hazel and her parents. Continue reading Welcome to the Virtual Earth

The idea of love

“I wonder how love feels like.” sighed Yasmine as she looked into a photograph of a couple jogging on the beach-side from a magazine kept near to her bed. COVID19 restructured the whole world. As time passed, things got worse. The virus evolved into something that could affect anyone in pair. Rules changed, the way people lived altered eventually. It became mandatory that a house should accommodate only one person. People hardly had any human connection. The government took care of the people. Once in every two days, necessities were delivered to each house by the suppliers. Specialised robots designed … Continue reading The idea of love

Syde; The Bee Queen

Sometimes you need to move on from people who never wanted you in the first place. My parents tell me they adopted me as a baby when I was just a few days old. They think that I have the right to know about my past. I just needed some time to accept it, that’s all. Suddenly, knowing that all you had was never yours is quite sad. I was sitting by the window minding my own business, then came a bee out of nowhere buzzing near my ears. I tried to shoo it away, but whatever I did, it … Continue reading Syde; The Bee Queen

Evil goodness

“Don’t… don’t you dare touch him.” It was the last words from my daddy before I heard the gunshot; I knew he was gone. My father rushed me to the basement to hide me when he heard them coming and asked me to stay put until he comes back for me. “Whatever happens, don’t come to daylight, until you are sure everything has ended.” He then gave me a blade and said, “you will know when to use it. It will guide you.” He kissed me on my forehead, I could see tears in his eyes, but I didn’t understand … Continue reading Evil goodness

The One

The sun shined more brightly that day as if it knew Kathy was coming back home. It’s been 9 months Eric and Kathy have been apart. Many stories to be said, so much love to give, so many letters to give her which he wrote when he missed her. They were going to have ‘Katric time’ for next ten days as she promised him; just him and her and their own small world. The network was so poor for Eric to contact her, but he waited this 9 whole months just to have those 10days time with her. They have … Continue reading The One