Not your Baby Doll

“Ma, I woke up again last night, sensing the presence of someone in my room. I tell you, Ma, I am sure that I saw his shadow.” Told a 10-year-old worried Champak while Rani braided her hair.  “Champak beta, you might be imagining these things. We had pooja yesterday at our home, right? Remember you dozed off early and I had to carry you to bed, except you, everyone was there at pooja room. Maybe it was just a bad dream.” Rani tried to console her.  Champak opened her mouth to say something, but she gulped. She knew her mother was not going to believe her, … Continue reading Not your Baby Doll


Some times HSP is seen as some made up behavior exhibited to get attention. But it isn’t. They just feel every emotion in intense. Can we blame them for that? Everyone has at least one friend whom you call sensitive or cry baby. Just accept them for who they are Continue reading Realizations


Holding onto her mama’s fingers, the baby stared at the visitor. Her eyes widened with curiosity for, she has never seen a human other than her mother before. The mother looked at her little one for one last time before handing it to the stranger. The mother had no regrets in her eyes but, her eyes seemed sad. The baby didn’t cry, nor did she fought with the newcomer. She yawned for her sleepy eyes couldn’t stare at anyone for now. She slowly went to sleep in the stranger’s hands. The stranger took a taxi to the railway station. She … Continue reading Yasmine

A Love Unconfessed

Image source: Pinterest As I lay in bed with him, all I could think about was her. Her smile for which I fell for, the way her eyes twitched when she smiled, Oh God I miss her. I miss her beside me, I miss her touch, her hands around me, well, the list goes on… my point is I miss everything about her. I still remember the day I met her. Like every other day, I was boarding my train to my college. Surprisingly, this girl got my eyes. I felt like I knew this one for her face looked … Continue reading A Love Unconfessed

Not a good beginning

It was a beginning; beginning of a new academic year. New place, a new language, a room of one’s own, roommates, fun, food, trips… Eliz was excited. She hoped the place would be kind to her, unlike the other college where she previously did her course. She arrived in front of the University on a bus carrying two bags full of stuff to start her new life there. She thought of her hostel to be spacious and wonderful, but what she got was something opposite to that. She was not sad, at least she got a room of her own … Continue reading Not a good beginning

A Brothel Story (3)

Pranav stood behind the door from the other side, which made him helpless. He ran away before she could catch him. Aansha cried and begged to let her go, “Amma, let me go… he loves me; he is not like the ones from your stories. He cares about me, let me go Amma. Let us live our lives.” “He loves you? That’s what you think? Now see, I scared him off, and he ran away. He would never come back for you, because that’s what they always do. They ran away when things go wrong.” She shouted. Looking at Aansha who … Continue reading A Brothel Story (3)

A Brothel Story (2)

Aansha couldn’t sleep that night. She didn’t know what was happening to her, but somehow, she knew she would meet him again, and that excitement kept her awake. Lela noticed her smiling alone at times, and she knew what was happening to her. While Aansha was braiding Lela’s hair, she tried to make her understand “People like us are not worthy of love, Beta. Don’t get so excited, after all, they all are men, and they throw you away once they get what they want.” Aansha sighed and went to her room. She thought about it and felt the mother was … Continue reading A Brothel Story (2)