Welcome to the Virtual Earth

Have you ever wondered about a situation where you are asked to leave earth? You know what, no matter how hard we try, there won’t be another Earth. So preserve, protect and take care of the Earth we have before it is too late! Lets hope We don’t have to go our separate ways just like little Hazel and her parents. Continue reading Welcome to the Virtual Earth

Alternate Me!

The alarm kept ringing, but I was too tired to walk till there and turn it off. “Cece, turn off your alarm; people are trying to get some sleep here,” came the first request from my cousin Kaira. ‘I should wake up!’ I said to myself, and again the alarm rang, piercing through my ears. “CECEE!” this time, the tone got a bit tougher than the earlier one. I immediately got up and turned it off. Today is a big day for me. I am going to meet my alternate for the very first time. My family has no idea that … Continue reading Alternate Me!

The Ultimate Discovery of the Millennium!

The place looked crowded. Everyone gathered there was waiting for the ultimate discovery of the millennium. The scientists first announced the casualties that the audience should take to be physically present there. Nigel, one of those science freak, was excitedly waiting for the ‘showtime’ to just break-in. He stood there along with others on the front row just in case he misses anything. It wasn’t some show but an experiment which the scientists were planning to perform but, they hid the fact that it wasn’t tested. They needed a volunteer to experiment with it on ‘willingly’ which gave them the … Continue reading The Ultimate Discovery of the Millennium!