Little Magic

I am stuck in this dark room forever. Will someone ever set me free? Even if I am freed would she be alive waiting for me? I don’t even know how many years have passed without my existence on earth, all I know is I was a human long time ago. I don’t remember the number of times I have narrated my story to this darkness. Here I go once again which would disappoint me with the silence. I am disappointed by the mere thought of escaping from here. Powerful, yet helpless to save oneself. Genie, well that would be … Continue reading Little Magic

Evil goodness

“Don’t… don’t you dare touch him.” It was the last words from my daddy before I heard the gunshot; I knew he was gone. My father rushed me to the basement to hide me when he heard them coming and asked me to stay put until he comes back for me. “Whatever happens, don’t come to daylight, until you are sure everything has ended.” He then gave me a blade and said, “you will know when to use it. It will guide you.” He kissed me on my forehead, I could see tears in his eyes, but I didn’t understand … Continue reading Evil goodness

Every problem has a solution Beta!

“I never want to see your face again…” yelled Yamuna at her daughter. Ashwathy stood there in silence listening to everything her mother uttered as if she deserved it somehow. “Look what you did to our family’s name. What haven’t I given you?! Everything you desired was given to you, yet you failed me.” It was her 12th standard’s result day and she was only able to score a ‘pass certificate’, which according to her mother wasn’t suitable in a competitive world like today. Neither was she studious nor a hard worker. Whatsoever, the blame was on her. She didn’t … Continue reading Every problem has a solution Beta!

Monsters under the Bed(4)

That morning went too fast than usual days. Ted hoped for the myths to be true. It was only 9, but Dalia was put to sleep by Carol. She stood at her bed for sometime, she looked fairly happy. The mere thought of them being together after a long time as a family without any drama was a happy ending for Carol for she would have never expected what happened next. As soon as Carol left the room Ted successfully removed her necklace from little Dalia’s neck. Destroying the necklace was the difficult part. Until its 11pm, he couldn’t do … Continue reading Monsters under the Bed(4)

Beauty with a Melodious Voice

“Ew… not her! I need someone fairer to be my pair. I would rather not dance than choosing her.” The little boy cried. Aarthi just stood there, her head little lowered, without saying anything. Since childhood, Aarthi had been feeling this ignorance just because of her colour. Black, a colour which was considered to be the colour of classy in fashion stayed ignored when it came to skin. She tried her best not to be bothered by the colour she owns, but when it came to socializing with people she pulled herself back from the groups. She started to accept … Continue reading Beauty with a Melodious Voice