Little Whispers

“Let me tell you, do not stay at school after 6 pm.” Louis continued, “last day I heard our teachers discussing about a ghost who haunts our school. Can you imagine, the kid is about our age. Somebody might have murdered him. Anyway, all I know is he haunts our school and trust me it is true.” Everyone stared at him with wide eyes. ‘What if he was saying the truth?’ Everyone had this question but didn’t say anything out loud, scared or laughed at. “Haunting, ghost… nonsense. He is trying to scare us.” Greg came as a saviour now. “No, I … Continue reading Little Whispers


When I was a little girl, I used to wait eagerly for summer vacations because we would be visiting our grandmother after a long time; a kutty break from just home and school. We would run behind hens or go on a cocoa seed collecting hunt with cousins, and the list of activities goes on and on. My home town is a semi-rural place; most people here are engaged in farming or other rural works like pottery or rubber nursery. Even though there is a paddy field near my home, I was restricted by my Appa because he was scared that I … Continue reading Annakunju

Once in every Seven years

“I can’t go past that line and you know why!” Carmen said in a low voice. “No, I don’t want to survive this without you. If you live, I live; if you die, I die with you.” Tony was hard to convince. Carmen tried again before it was too late. Before she met him, Tony was a lonely soul. He grew up in an orphanage with a hurtful past in high school which forced him to stay away from people. It was her who gave him a new life, inspiring him to live and love his life. If he loses … Continue reading Once in every Seven years

Doom’s day

The sunsets again. Another day he wasted on escaping. He still hasn’t found what he was trying to escape from. The whole earth collapsed and there was nothing left to see. The earth was empty. The nuclear attacks have banished mankind completely out from Earth. Yet, he escaped the eyes of attackers; his very own species. In the last few years, he has seen things that none of the humans could witness. Mother nature turned herself into a terrible beast, secreting a scent that affected the human mind. The scent made their senses go nuts, leading them to attack each other; like that of … Continue reading Doom’s day

The reminder- (Cyranny’s 1min fiction)

A reminder It’s been six months since our breakup. Yeah, I have been counting days. As I jog through my ex-girl friend’s block to get a glance of her, the cycle I gifted her on our first anniversary cheers me up. This gesture convinced me that, “She hasn’t moved on yet.” But today I couldn’t find my blue bicycle with the flower basket just the way she liked it. Instead, there was a motorbike carrying a monstrous helmet in its hands. I guess it’s the sign for me to convince myself that I gotta move on. __________________________________ #1MinFiction Thank you … Continue reading The reminder- (Cyranny’s 1min fiction)


“Are you excited for the first day at your school?” Lucy’s mom asked her in the middle of her phone call. Honestly, Lucy wasn’t very excited. She has been changing schools for a long time because of her mom’s job, and it was pretty difficult for her to make friends. She knew that it didn’t matter what she felt because her mom would not listen to her anyway. “Ya, super excited.” She said as she held on to the Batman’s Lego her father had gifted her on her 4th birthday. She missed her father very much; she often wondered if … Continue reading Friendship