The Sinner

Well, don’t get me wrong here, but I just had this thought that Lucifer was a sinner who had no one to pray for him. Well, don’t get the wrong idea here, I don’t adore the prince of darkness, nor am I his fan or preacher. But I think of him as an angel who deserved a second chance and something much better. Continue reading The Sinner

To the new beginnings

It takes a lot of strength to begin a new chapter in your life. You are scared of the past traumatic incidents the life had offered you in that past life experiences, but should it stop you from new adventures? It may take time, but follow your heart. After all it’s your choice to stay.

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been” – George Eliot Continue reading To the new beginnings

Crimson’s Creative Challenge-The Meme

“Is this a joke?” Asked Ginger when I showed her the photograph. I laughed internally and asked her, “Why, isn’t the baby seal cute?” “Nevermind, I thought you were teasing me about “that day” at the beach.” This time I couldn’t control myself; I laughed loudly. “No, you didn’t!” She came running and grabbed my phone, and swiped to the next photograph. Her eyes widened with shock, “I am gonna kill you for this, Fredd!” I made a meme with her photograph at the beach with the same pose dressed in her black and white smoky bikini with the caption, “Twinning … Continue reading Crimson’s Creative Challenge-The Meme


We live in a world where humans fall in love with the idea of love than real people. Would you take up the challenge to love someone who would say what she/he actually feels or what exactly is going on inside their mind? Would you try to listen and let them know that it’s actually okay to think and feel like that at times? A plot from my dream last night on a “cringey” unrealistic love story. Continue reading Promises

Little Whispers

“Let me tell you, do not stay at school after 6 pm.” Louis continued, “last day I heard our teachers discussing about a ghost who haunts our school. Can you imagine, the kid is about our age. Somebody might have murdered him. Anyway, all I know is he haunts our school and trust me it is true.” Everyone stared at him with wide eyes. ‘What if he was saying the truth?’ Everyone had this question but didn’t say anything out loud, scared or laughed at. “Haunting, ghost… nonsense. He is trying to scare us.” Greg came as a saviour now. “No, I … Continue reading Little Whispers


When I was a little girl, I used to wait eagerly for summer vacations because we would be visiting our grandmother after a long time; a kutty break from just home and school. We would run behind hens or go on a cocoa seed collecting hunt with cousins, and the list of activities goes on and on. My home town is a semi-rural place; most people here are engaged in farming or other rural works like pottery or rubber nursery. Even though there is a paddy field near my home, I was restricted by my Appa because he was scared that I … Continue reading Annakunju