When I was a little girl, I used to wait eagerly for summer vacations because we would be visiting our grandmother after a long time; a kutty break from just home and school. We would run behind hens or go on a cocoa seed collecting hunt with cousins, and the list of activities goes on and on. My home town is a semi-rural place; most people here are engaged in farming or other rural works like pottery or rubber nursery. Even though there is a paddy field near my home, I was restricted by my Appa because he was scared that I … Continue reading Annakunju

One Wrong Choice

Lightning flashed, and thunder crashed; the princess was about to be born. The crowd outside the castle waited eagerly to rejoice in the birth of their princess. The rain grew wilder, suddenly a baby’s cry echoed in the castle, which slowly turned into laughter. Everyone cherished. According to the myth that prevailed in the Kingdom, the firstborn of lightening King and Rain Queen would be a girl who would have the power to rejuvenate what has been destroyed. Everyone waited curiously to have a look at their princess. Rumours spread that she had her father’s green eyes and mother’s red … Continue reading One Wrong Choice