Little Whispers

“Let me tell you, do not stay at school after 6 pm.” Louis continued, “last day I heard our teachers discussing about a ghost who haunts our school. Can you imagine, the kid is about our age. Somebody might have murdered him. Anyway, all I know is he haunts our school and trust me it is true.” Everyone stared at him with wide eyes. ‘What if he was saying the truth?’ Everyone had this question but didn’t say anything out loud, scared or laughed at. “Haunting, ghost… nonsense. He is trying to scare us.” Greg came as a saviour now. “No, I … Continue reading Little Whispers

Once in every Seven years

“I can’t go past that line and you know why!” Carmen said in a low voice. “No, I don’t want to survive this without you. If you live, I live; if you die, I die with you.” Tony was hard to convince. Carmen tried again before it was too late. Before she met him, Tony was a lonely soul. He grew up in an orphanage with a hurtful past in high school which forced him to stay away from people. It was her who gave him a new life, inspiring him to live and love his life. If he loses … Continue reading Once in every Seven years

Conundrum (Chapter 3 – Confronting the Past)

Angelyn took some time to understand where she was. She stared at the Detective and asked, “Where are you taking me, Detective? I already told you the things I know.” The Detective realized that Cathy was not there anymore. “Oh my, not now.” He said to himself. “You don’t understand, Angelyn.” “Do you care to explain?” Her face turned red with a fretful whimper. “I am… I was…” Cathy couldn’t stay silent anymore. Meeting Angelyn was one of her greatest fear. She did know she had to face her sooner or later, but this is too soon. This was not how she … Continue reading Conundrum (Chapter 3 – Confronting the Past)

Fallen Angel

The young Lucifer’s face shined as his father picked him up, “Oh my dear son, you are my favorite. I love you the most.” Suddenly it felt like the place trembled. Lucifer woke up with tears in his eyes. There was nothing there but, darkness. His red eyes glowed in them. Yes, the greatest evil of all was alone, hated and unloved. The people in all three worlds were afraid of him. He wished if someone could look at him with love and kindness instead of what he received- well, all blamed him when someone did something evil as if … Continue reading Fallen Angel

Alternate Me!

The alarm kept ringing, but I was too tired to walk till there and turn it off. “Cece, turn off your alarm; people are trying to get some sleep here,” came the first request from my cousin Kaira. ‘I should wake up!’ I said to myself, and again the alarm rang, piercing through my ears. “CECEE!” this time, the tone got a bit tougher than the earlier one. I immediately got up and turned it off. Today is a big day for me. I am going to meet my alternate for the very first time. My family has no idea that … Continue reading Alternate Me!


“Glory be to the Father and, to the Son and, to the Holy Spirit,” “Amen.” It sounded like it was the end. She was gone forever. As the priest chanted the sacred words, the coffin was closed. She was never going to come back. My wife was unconscious; she couldn’t walk nor talk. I stayed by her side when our little pumpkin’s coffin sank beneath the ground in front of our eyes, at the cemetery. Many tried consoling us, but the words couldn’t bring back what we had lost. She had leukemia, and we came to know about it late. … Continue reading Undead

An angel to watch over

I still remember the night I met him. I was coming back after a stressful day at work. I heard someone scream and followed the voice to find him feed on one of my roommates, Emily. I was too shocked to respond, so I just stayed there watching his dreadful act. I still remember his red eyes staring into mine while I was struggling to run but suddenly, I became motionless; I couldn’t move; it felt much like my legs were useless. All that fear and anger that grew in me was beyond my control. Then when I saw him … Continue reading An angel to watch over