Conundrum (Chapter 1 – Kelly’s murder)

“I will destroy you and everything you have ever cared about.” Angelyn cried as she stood near her best friend’s lifeless body. “You do realize that includes you, right?” said Arthur, Angelyn’s fiance who happened to be there in the crime scene bathed in blood. That made him the prime suspect in the murder of Kelly Wincostin. “Oh hell yeah, I am counting on it,” Angelyn said as she swallowed her anger.  Arthur seemed calm for the deed he had done. He neither accepted nor denied the accusations pour down on him. Angelyn was not ready to hand over Kelly’s … Continue reading Conundrum (Chapter 1 – Kelly’s murder)

The Host

Hayes opened his eyes as if he had seen a nightmare. When he touched his bed, it seemed wet. He was sweating. The same dream had been troubling him for a few days now. The past kept coming back to him no matter how much he tried to bury it. His parents; they slaughtered all the children overnight in their village and told him, “Whatever the police tell you, whatever you hear on the news, Remember that Hon, Mommy and Daddy love you, and we did all this for you.” They said this and triggered the gun in their hands and killed … Continue reading The Host

Evil Indeed

Where do I start? Well, I am a demon… No, I don’t ‘haunt’ humans… I pity them… saddest things on earth they are. Not happy about anything. Dreams about those things they could have had, and when they get them, they carve for something else. These desires, I say… for humans it is never-ending. Even after death, their desires never end… which creates things like us. Some call us demons, others ghost… but I guess I am neither; well, I don’t haunt them or hurt them… but I love the way these humans hurt and torment each other. Why should … Continue reading Evil Indeed