My Soulmate

Jessie who works at a magazine which investigates and writes articles on myths and beliefs is assigned to work with a colleague to find more about a statue which is believed to be magical. Since Jessie doesn’t believe in soulmates because of her past experiences with relationships, she finds it conflicting with her belief and her work. Continue reading My Soulmate

My Lucy

“Bite from a spider turns you to Spider-Man, saved by a cat from death you become Cat Woman… mmm… I wondered what I have to do to become a Vampire, of course, a bite but, I have never seen a Vampire before.” The words from a 6-year old child I met at the hospital made me curious. I wanted to know what she had to say. Her eyes stared at mine and she looked back. “Why do you want to be a Vampire dear? Those are monsters, won’t do good to anyone.” “Hmm… I don’t think all monsters are evil.” … Continue reading My Lucy

Evil goodness

“Don’t… don’t you dare touch him.” It was the last words from my daddy before I heard the gunshot; I knew he was gone. My father rushed me to the basement to hide me when he heard them coming and asked me to stay put until he comes back for me. “Whatever happens, don’t come to daylight, until you are sure everything has ended.” He then gave me a blade and said, “you will know when to use it. It will guide you.” He kissed me on my forehead, I could see tears in his eyes, but I didn’t understand … Continue reading Evil goodness

One Wrong Choice

Lightning flashed, and thunder crashed; the princess was about to be born. The crowd outside the castle waited eagerly to rejoice in the birth of their princess. The rain grew wilder, suddenly a baby’s cry echoed in the castle, which slowly turned into laughter. Everyone cherished. According to the myth that prevailed in the Kingdom, the firstborn of lightening King and Rain Queen would be a girl who would have the power to rejuvenate what has been destroyed. Everyone waited curiously to have a look at their princess. Rumours spread that she had her father’s green eyes and mother’s red … Continue reading One Wrong Choice