When I was a little girl, I used to wait eagerly for summer vacations because we would be visiting our grandmother after a long time; a kutty break from just home and school. We would run behind hens or go on a cocoa seed collecting hunt with cousins, and the list of activities goes on and on. My home town is a semi-rural place; most people here are engaged in farming or other rural works like pottery or rubber nursery. Even though there is a paddy field near my home, I was restricted by my Appa because he was scared that I … Continue reading Annakunju

Not your Baby Doll

“Ma, I woke up again last night, sensing the presence of someone in my room. I tell you, Ma, I am sure that I saw his shadow.” Told a 10-year-old worried Champak while Rani braided her hair.  “Champak beta, you might be imagining these things. We had pooja yesterday at our home, right? Remember you dozed off early and I had to carry you to bed, except you, everyone was there at pooja room. Maybe it was just a bad dream.” Rani tried to console her.  Champak opened her mouth to say something, but she gulped. She knew her mother was not going to believe her, … Continue reading Not your Baby Doll