Conundrum (Chapter 8 – The Mad Lover)

“Us; John and me. We loved her. He loved her more, that’s what he said. That’s why he preserved her. That’s what we do when we love someone. We preserve them as a symbol of our love.” Tommy sounded triggered.  His eyes shined as he said about preserving them. Victoria, who stood there listening, said, “His thoughts are manipulated by John, John has put these things on his mind. Ask him what John had done to preserve me. Ask him!” “Tommy, I know you loved your mother. I know you wouldn’t hurt her. I know you saw what John did … Continue reading Conundrum (Chapter 8 – The Mad Lover)

Conundrum (Chapter 7 – Spirits of the Mannequins (Part 2))

Cathy was not surprised; she went closer to the isolated room and unlocked it. The room seemed different. The wall was painted in yellow tint with some photographs on it. She had a closer look at them; some of the pictures were of a young woman with a little boy while others were single photographs of the woman. The woman seemed very pretty; the young boy near her looked delighted. He resembled Arthur. Cathy figured out that the little boy could be Arthur, but who was this lady? She turned around and saw someone sitting in the corner of the room. Cathy … Continue reading Conundrum (Chapter 7 – Spirits of the Mannequins (Part 2))

Little secret

I have had this doubt for the past two months. Daine seems completely different now. Well, she does things differently. Initially, it was me who always encouraged her to go out to have fun with her friends. I don’t know; maybe I felt guilty, yes, I did. After Lucas was born, she was busy taking care of him; now that he’s five, I thought she deserves some break. Now she dresses up pretty well, and I don’t even get to see her. She is always out late at night with her “friends.” One week before, she wore a scarf as … Continue reading Little secret

Alternate Me!

The alarm kept ringing, but I was too tired to walk till there and turn it off. “Cece, turn off your alarm; people are trying to get some sleep here,” came the first request from my cousin Kaira. ‘I should wake up!’ I said to myself, and again the alarm rang, piercing through my ears. “CECEE!” this time, the tone got a bit tougher than the earlier one. I immediately got up and turned it off. Today is a big day for me. I am going to meet my alternate for the very first time. My family has no idea that … Continue reading Alternate Me!