You and Me

On that sunny morning at that hilltop, I couldn’t take my eyes off the bench which would have been a perfect spot for both of us. I craved your presence, but you weren’t there with me. We would sit there on that green bench, you and me. I might be holding a cup of chai and you, your coffee. You would finish your coffee in one sip and ask me for my chai; I would deny but give you anyway. We would laugh, check out other couples walking by, and say how different we were. Oh, I wish you were … Continue reading You and Me

The Candyman

It’s already 5’o clock in the evening, and I am waiting at the bus stop near my school for someone to give me a ride back home. My Maths teacher thinks I am weak in mathematics, so she asked me to stay after school for special tuitions. Yesterday night she rang my mother and told her how weak I was in that subject; I wish she hadn’t done that. I didn’t like staying after school. I will have all those evil thoughts about everything. Honestly, I am scared. What if something unfortunate happens here after 5 pm? My friends tell … Continue reading The Candyman

Conundrum (Chapter 9 – The Light)

Cathy went speechless. She didn’t know what to say. “I know you are still mad at me,” said David. “You might be thinking I abandoned you. I did, but as I witnessed Angelyn’s growth, I thought you should be with us. When I realized my mistake, it was too late. You would have been three by then. I came looking for you at that house where I left you, but the landlord said that the family had already left. I didn’t know that your lifeless body was there inside. I am sorry, Cathy, I was not thinking straight then. I … Continue reading Conundrum (Chapter 9 – The Light)

Conundrum (Chapter 6 – Spirits of the Mannequins (Part 1))

The pain stayed for several days. I couldn’t eat anything. I thought he would starve me to death, but he didn’t. He injected the fluid system and fed me almost every day. I don’t know what made him a psychopath. I just needed to save myself. That’s when he told me, “I have packed your bag. We are going on a business trip and guess who is going to be there- Angelyn Lionel.” I felt bad for this girl; I hoped for her not to fall for this guy, but when I saw him smile as he reached our apartment, … Continue reading Conundrum (Chapter 6 – Spirits of the Mannequins (Part 1))

Conundrum (Chapter 3 – Confronting the Past)

Angelyn took some time to understand where she was. She stared at the Detective and asked, “Where are you taking me, Detective? I already told you the things I know.” The Detective realized that Cathy was not there anymore. “Oh my, not now.” He said to himself. “You don’t understand, Angelyn.” “Do you care to explain?” Her face turned red with a fretful whimper. “I am… I was…” Cathy couldn’t stay silent anymore. Meeting Angelyn was one of her greatest fear. She did know she had to face her sooner or later, but this is too soon. This was not how she … Continue reading Conundrum (Chapter 3 – Confronting the Past)

Little secret

I have had this doubt for the past two months. Daine seems completely different now. Well, she does things differently. Initially, it was me who always encouraged her to go out to have fun with her friends. I don’t know; maybe I felt guilty, yes, I did. After Lucas was born, she was busy taking care of him; now that he’s five, I thought she deserves some break. Now she dresses up pretty well, and I don’t even get to see her. She is always out late at night with her “friends.” One week before, she wore a scarf as … Continue reading Little secret

Kelly’s One-horned De Vile

It was getting dark. The chirping of birds was getting louder. Within few hours, the darkness engulfed the place. The chirping was no longer heard; it appeared like they were fast asleep except for the crickets. Roni, still in his room, was staring down his window. He wasn’t simply staring; he observed the shadow which seemed to be hiding behind the bushes. As he focussed more, he made out a figure. It had a long tail as well as a horn. It appeared to be staring back at him, for he could see two eyes looking through him as the … Continue reading Kelly’s One-horned De Vile