“Are you excited for the first day at your school?” Lucy’s mom asked her in the middle of her phone call. Honestly, Lucy wasn’t very excited. She has been changing schools for a long time because of her mom’s job, and it was pretty difficult for her to make friends. She knew that it didn’t matter what she felt because her mom would not listen to her anyway. “Ya, super excited.” She said as she held on to the Batman’s Lego her father had gifted her on her 4th birthday. She missed her father very much; she often wondered if … Continue reading Friendship

Conundrum (Chapter 2 – The girl in the attic)

The Detective didn’t know what was happening. He was scared and confused. “You look like a person I can trust; I think Doctor Firoz was wrong about you; he said you were pretty hideous but, what choice do I have. Well, I can’t let my sister be accused of something she didn’t do,” She said. The Detective gulped and stayed tied to his seat, all frozen, “What do you mean, Angelyn? You are scaring me now. Normally I am not frightened, but you make me feel terrified. I don’t understand.” The Detective said, almost shivering. “I am Angelyn’s twin sister; … Continue reading Conundrum (Chapter 2 – The girl in the attic)