Not your Baby Doll

“Ma, I woke up again last night, sensing the presence of someone in my room. I tell you, Ma, I am sure that I saw his shadow.” Told a 10-year-old worried Champak while Rani braided her hair.  “Champak beta, you might be imagining these things. We had pooja yesterday at our home, right? Remember you dozed off early and I had to carry you to bed, except you, everyone was there at pooja room. Maybe it was just a bad dream.” Rani tried to console her.  Champak opened her mouth to say something, but she gulped. She knew her mother was not going to believe her, … Continue reading Not your Baby Doll

In a Dilemma

Prathana woke up from her sleep. Reluctantly, she stood up from the bed. She grabbed her cell phone and checked time, “11 am”. She carried herself to the washroom, where she saw herself in the mirror. She pitied herself. Her eyes looked red and swollen because of the way she cried all night. She tried to remember when she dozed off in between those silent sobs, but, she failed. Suddenly her phone rang. She didn’t feel like talking to anyone, so she ignored the call. She grabbed her toothbrush, towel and shower gel from her shelf and went to the … Continue reading In a Dilemma