You and Me

On that sunny morning at that hilltop, I couldn’t take my eyes off the bench which would have been a perfect spot for both of us. I craved your presence, but you weren’t there with me. We would sit there on that green bench, you and me. I might be holding a cup of chai and you, your coffee. You would finish your coffee in one sip and ask me for my chai; I would deny but give you anyway. We would laugh, check out other couples walking by, and say how different we were. Oh, I wish you were … Continue reading You and Me

Once in every Seven years

“I can’t go past that line and you know why!” Carmen said in a low voice. “No, I don’t want to survive this without you. If you live, I live; if you die, I die with you.” Tony was hard to convince. Carmen tried again before it was too late. Before she met him, Tony was a lonely soul. He grew up in an orphanage with a hurtful past in high school which forced him to stay away from people. It was her who gave him a new life, inspiring him to live and love his life. If he loses … Continue reading Once in every Seven years

Doom’s day

The sunsets again. Another day he wasted on escaping. He still hasn’t found what he was trying to escape from. The whole earth collapsed and there was nothing left to see. The earth was empty. The nuclear attacks have banished mankind completely out from Earth. Yet, he escaped the eyes of attackers; his very own species. In the last few years, he has seen things that none of the humans could witness. Mother nature turned herself into a terrible beast, secreting a scent that affected the human mind. The scent made their senses go nuts, leading them to attack each other; like that of … Continue reading Doom’s day

Conundrum (Chapter 5 – Kiara Vinson)

Present-day Angelyn stared at the mirror, hoping Cathy would be summoned, but she didn’t, “I guess I was a bit hard on her!” she sighed. She laid down for some time and decided to go downstairs. As she got there, she saw her mother in the kitchen. She had a sudden urge to ask her about Cathy. But she knew that would only hurt her mother.  “Good morning Honey!” With a smile on her face, Dalia said, “Hope you are in a good mood now.” She remembered how she behaved last night. “I guess I am. I wasn’t on my … Continue reading Conundrum (Chapter 5 – Kiara Vinson)

Conundrum (Chapter 4 – Arthur Vinson)

Nine months back.  Angelyn is at a business meeting. She came there to represent her company ‘After You.’ After her presentation, she was pretty bored. She checked her phone now and then to see the time. It felt like the time was moving pretty slow. That’s when she noticed a handsome young man coming up next to present his company. She didn’t listen to anything he said; she just looked at him and slipped into dreamland, which she usually makes up whenever a ‘crush’ is involved. Angelyn came out of the dreamland when she heard the host’s voice inviting everyone to … Continue reading Conundrum (Chapter 4 – Arthur Vinson)