Dare story


I looked up to the side from where I heard that voice. It was John, the guy I met at Ashley’s party.

“Hey, what are you doing here!” I was surprised to see him there.

“Meh… just passing by and I saw you. So I was like ‘where have I met this beautiful lady before?’ and it struck me. You promised me a coffee, remember?”

“Guilty as charged.” I smiled.

We had a small talk and then he lead me to a cafe nearby. As he was talking about his work peers I observed him. I remembered how I met him at that party. All those scenes flashed before my eyes.

My squad was playing truth or dare. Suddenly the bottle cheated me and it was my turn to choose. I chose dare, if I remember right.

“Emily, First of all find a hottest guy in the room.” Ashley demanded.

‘It’s her birthday, she is the queen’.

So I scanned the whole room and this guy grabbed my attention. He was standing there near to the swimming pool, with a can of beer in his hand along with a bunch of other not-so-bad-looking friends of his, which I assumed. I pointed at him.

“Now go start a conversation with that guy, I need his number and name.” Commanded her again.

“How can…?”

“Shh… no questions. Do it!”

‘Birthday bitch… wait till it’s my birthday.’ I said to myself and moved towards that guy. As I walked towards him, he started looking at me, which made me feel the dare was gonna be easy ‘cause I got his attention.

“Hey, sorry but I couldn’t stop noticing you. You look familiar! Have we met before?” I cooked up a story.

“I don’t think so.” He said smiling, “but I couldn’t stop noticing you either,” he continued, “I am John, and what shall I call you?”

“It’s Emily.” I smiled back obviously blushing. He told me that he was a friend of Ashley’s boyfriend and he was doing his bachelors degree in physics. I wanted to tell him I was dared by Ashley to approach him but he didn’t allow me to speak anything. After 15 minutes of ‘self introduction’ he said. “Sorry Emily, I have to leave now. We will definitely have coffee when we meet again, won’t we?” Those green eyes looked into mine, I felt like my breath was being taken, “Yes, I promise.” Words uttered out of my mouth without my concern. He waved and left me there mesmerised.

Even if I couldn’t complete my dare I was not sad. I was hoping to see him again, which explains why I was surprised at first when I met him again.

“Emily… are you listening ?” His sound bought me back to present.

“Yes, yes… I was thinking about the party?”

“About that… promise me you won’t be hurt?” He sounded pretty creepy, I nodded asking him to continue. “I was dared by my friend to start a conversation with you to get your name and convince you to have a drink with me, I should have said earlier but you were easy to talk to so I didn’t want to stop talking to you. You know what I mean but I had to leave the party early that day.”

I sat there and laughed, he looked confused.

“I am not hurt you stupid. I was also dared by one of my friends to ask your name and convince you to give me your number.”

Now we both laughed at fate.

“Thanks to them, I would never have met you if there wasn’t any dare. In fact, I have got a feeling that we will have more coffees together again.” Those green eyes stared back at mine and once again without my very own permission words uttered, “Yes,Yes Indeed.”

PS: Saying ‘Yes’ to his ‘coffee?’ Was the best thing ever happened to me.

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