Let’s reap some hearts

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“I am tired of saying out loud the same dialogue to everyone who dies. And it goes like this, 

“Your time on earth has come to an end my friend, let me guide you to the eternal life!” and the soul would come with me, asking a hundred questions to which I will have to reply calmly even if the questions sound stupid. I would be wearing a hoodie, which makes me look scary and grumpy, and I also carry a scythe to harvest the souls.

I am bored of doing the same job for almost the day the Supreme Power created me. I want to try something else. I travelled all around the world, so that’s out of the list. What can a Grim Reaper do if he is on retirement?” thought the Grim Reaper.

He wanted to try something new which he had never experienced in life. He then decided to take human form and walk on earth while doing part-time grim reaping. Since everyone could see him now, he had to be conscious of what he wore or said. He needed a place to stay; he couldn’t walk down the street every day… duh… he is human now. The first few weeks were difficult for him. He had to eat, sleep, find a job for himself; everything was new to him.

He got a job as a receptionist at a hotel, he found tacos delicious, and he loved sleeping. When he received calls from above to harvest souls, he would create a zone of hallucination where he worked and went to reap the souls. So that he would be present in both places at the same time. He continued to be a human and A Reaper at the same time—a kind of a part-time business.

Since he was partly a human, he was prone to emotions. Whenever he used to get scolded by James, the hotel owner, he used to get sad and angry. For a Grim Reaper, he felt the feelings were amusing because he was experiencing it for the first time as a human.

He gets happy, excited, frustrated and once he even got worried when he was late to reap a soul. He at first found it meaningless, but later, when he got used to the emotions, he realized that it was necessary for every human’s life as their feelings talked more about them than the words their mouth ever uttered.

It was then the Reaper’s anger grew towards James, the hotel’s owner. Reaper, with his powers, made him sick, which affected James very severely. Since he couldn’t handle the hotel, he handed over the responsibility to Veronica, James’ daughter. The Reaper used to hear about Veronica and her kindness towards people from his colleagues. With the impressions he had received from others, he was very eager to meet her in person.

The day arrived; Veronica came in her car accompanied by her father’s assistant. One look at her, and the Reaper fell in love. It felt like a giant stone was kept in his heart, weighing him down. He stared at her. “Beautiful”, words came out of his mouth without his consent. She heard it and stared back at him. Her eyes were one of the prettiest things he had ever seen in his life. She smiled at him and got into the lift. Since then, their eyes met every morning, which ended with a beautiful smile on their faces.

As the days passed, the Reaper lost interest in reaping souls. He missed ten to twenty souls a week which created great tension above. The supposedly dead humans were still alive, troubling other living healthy humans. So, the Reaper was asked to return above. Superior Power understood what was wrong.

“Grim Reaper fell in love?” discussed the people above, “how is that even possible?”, “He is a God himself. He is the one destined to reap God himself when it’s time. If he is gifted emotions, he might turn biased.” 

And the discussion continued. The Reaper stayed in front of the crowd with his head down, listening to their conversation.

“Silence…” said the Superior Power, “now tell me Grim, did you confess your love yet?”

“Our eyes have said it a million times than a mere confession,” said the Reaper proudly.

“Eyes communicating love?” laughed the crowd, “you know nothing of humans, do you?

They wouldn’t know it until you tell them what it is. You are daydreaming, my child. You even forgot to reap souls under her charms,” mocked the others.

“No, she loves me. I feel it.” Reaper shouted.

“It is not good to make a Reaper angry; you know that better than me,” 

said one among the crowd to the Superior Power, “Yes, yes….”

“So be it, I will let you go. But one condition, you must confess your feeling towards her,” he smiled at the Reaper, “and if her response is ‘yes’ you can be a human forever, you can quit your job as a Reaper, but if it’s a ‘No’, you have to come back and never think of her or being a human again. Understood? I will give you one day not more than that.”

Grim Reaper agreed, and he was sent back to earth. The very next day, he got dressed up and waited for her to come. As soon as the car approached the hotel, he took a flower bouquet he had bought for her and waited in front of the hotel’s door. The car’s door opened, and he saw James stepping out of the car. James’ face lightened on seeing the Reaper with the bouquet.

“Uh…I thought of giving everyone a surprise and looks like you were already prepared to welcome me back,” said James. Reaper couldn’t say anything but smile. His face lost its charm. He smiled, handed the flowers to him, and moved towards his reception desk.

“What a fool was he to think that she understood what his eyes said? How could he be so stupid?” he thought to himself.

It was then he noticed her behind James. Veronica came close to him and said, “What about me? Where are the flowers, Jimmy?”

“oh… ah… I will bring some for you … mhm… I thought… I thought you went without saying goodbye.” He somehow tried to hide his surprise.

“ah… but looks like you are not surprised to see my father here. And…”

“I needed to tell you something.”

“Yeah go on I am all ears.”

“I fell in love with your eyes when yours met mine on the very first day. I waited every morning for you to come on that car just to see your eyes staring at mine and to be embraced by the smile you gift me every day. I love you, Veronica.”

Veronica was silent for some time, then she somehow said, “Jimmy, I… I reallly don’t know what to say.. I am sorry.. I never loved you… My father used to tell me how you and he never got along. I used to asked him to smile at you so that it could calm you guys a little bit. But he got sick, and then I came to the picture, I thought the smile was a good gesture, it makes one feel good. I never spoke with you, but I was never rude to you and I don’t want to be rude to you now either. I respect your feelings, but I am sorry. Being nice to someone doesn’t mean that they love you.”

Reaper was heartbroken. He failed in front of the Superior Power. Now it was his turn to listen to him. He didn’t say anything but smiled, “That’s all I wanted to know. You will see me again Veronica.” With that, he vanished into thin air. No one understood what had happened. The heartbroken Reaper went back to above. He promised to stay loyal to the conditions he had agreed with.

After a good sixty years, he went back to her, this time with a scythe to reap her.

“So, we meet again! Let’s reap some hearts.”

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