Till the death do us part

“I will come back for you.” He said.

“I bet you say that to all girls.” She smiled as she sobbed.

“Maybe, but not to the girl I love…” he came closer and kissed her forehead.

“I LOVE YOU.” He mouthed as he got into the aircraft. She smiled and threw a kiss at him.

Steve met Ashley on his assignment trip to Algeria. They became friends pretty soon as they had so much in common. She was a young girl who had just completed her bachelors then while Steve served his country. It didn’t take much time for him to fall in love with her smile. He would stare at her all day without her noticing him but, one day she confronted him,

“I notice you enjoy staring at me Steve.”

Steve was too embarrassed to respond, he kept quiet while she stood there and teased him.

“Well, since you won’t be a good boy and take the blame, I think I must.” She mischievously came closer and pulled him awfully close and said, “I love you too silly.” She blushed and was ready to leave while he held her hand and stopped her making her blush more when he planted a kiss on her forehead.

Their love bloomed as the days passed by. She became a part of his life. They would roam around places on their cycle, maybe see the sun set together while they talk about everything under the sun; they were never out of topic. But the time was a villain in their love story. Days passed quickly or it seemed to. One day a letter reached him asking him to join back the army for an assignment in Afghan. He reluctantly had to accept the assignment. He packed his bag, Ashley cried and cried asking him not to leave but for a soldier like him, his mission was his first priority. He kissed her goodbye and joined back to the army camp.

Days passed, he wrote letters every now and then, for he missed her. But he didn’t get any response back. He didn’t worry about it though. The war was raging on. Many lost their lives. Yet he fought bravely with a hope of seeing her once again; dreaming about a life together. Their memories were his medicine which healed his broken mind. Finally when the war ended with victory on their side the joy was something to celebrate. He couldn’t wait any longer. He wanted see her as soon as possible.

He reached Ashley’s home and knocked on the front door excitedly imagining how surprised and happy she would be to see him, ‘Silly girl, how much I missed you…‘ he thought. The door was opened but not by his Ashley, it was dark and he saw her mother. As soon as she saw him, she started to weep. “Steve, Ashley… she is gone…” those words were too much for him to handle. His head started to spin. Heart pounded fast. Slowly he gained conscious and asked in a low voice, “What happened? Where is she?”

“Dear, since the day you left, she would go to the postal and ask them for your letter. Finally when she got it she was excited. She couldn’t wait until she reached home to read from you. She read and wasn’t concerned about the truck which was approaching her. She died holding onto your letter. I didn’t know what or how I would tell you. So I decided to keep her accident hidden. I am sorry Steve.”

She went on her knees. Steve couldn’t understand any of this. Everything he has ever dreamed about has turned into just wishes. He sat down for a while but couldn’t believe she was gone.

“I must go back.” He said finally. As he stood to leave, a familiar voice said, “How dare you leave me here alone. I have had enough of this loneliness. Now I won’t let you go. You’re mine.”

He turned back and saw Ashley in her mother’s clothes. She disguised as her mother and planned everything. A prank wouldn’t hurt, would it? He was happy and angry at the same time.

“You nearly killed me Ashley, do you realise that?” He approached her as if he was going to burst out. She then kissed him and said, “I know silly, I missed you too… but what is the fun keeping the reunion simple.” She smiled. He took her in his arms and they celebrated their love. Soon after his return they got married with everyone’s blessings and vowed to stay together loving till the death do them part. Sometimes waiting is worth it.

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