Kelly’s One-horned De Vile

It was getting dark. The chirping of birds was getting louder. Within few hours, the darkness engulfed the place. The chirping was no longer heard; it appeared like they were fast asleep except for the crickets.

Roni, still in his room, was staring down his window. He wasn’t simply staring; he observed the shadow which seemed to be hiding behind the bushes. As he focussed more, he made out a figure. It had a long tail as well as a horn. It appeared to be staring back at him, for he could see two eyes looking through him as the neighbor’s car approached their car porch. He was taken aback by the thing he saw. He took a few steps back from his window.

“It’s all in my head. It doesn’t exist.” He said to himself. Suddenly he heard knocks at the door.

“Come in.”

With that, the door was opened, and his mother entered the room.

“Why are you not in bed? Didn’t I tell you not to stare down the window at night?”

“Is that because of the one-horned thing with tail there?” he said as he pointed towards the window. His mother was silent for a few seconds.

“Baby, what are you talking about?”

“The one-horned thing, come see.” His mother came closer. He pointed his hands towards the bush outside, and he continued, “Mommy, look closer. He is hiding behind that bush. You need to observe for some time. I could see it clearly when Dariya’s parents drove their car to the car porch. I saw it- mommy, I’m not lying. I swear I saw it.” Roni said excitedly. She looked outside.

“Hush now… It is okay Roni. You have a wonderful imagination. I love the way you see things, even if it creeps me out.”

“So you don’t believe me!” His face went down.

“I believe you, but for now you need to get some sleep.” She patted his little head as she held him closer.

“Mommy, can you stay with me until I fall asleep?” he asked her, widening his puppy eyes.

“Okie, alright but, only if you promise me to stay away from that window from now on.”

He reluctantly said yes. She put him in bed, tucked him in the warm covers of the blanket. “Now… now, close your eyes.” He slowly closed his tired eyes as she sang a lullaby.

“Sleep now, my little bunny,

As the angels watch you at night.

Sleep now, little one

As Mommy sings out this song.

Hush now, little one

Sleep tight as you dream of angels

Temptations might hunt you

Don’t fall as prey.

Sleep now, my little one

As Mommy sings out this song.”

Roni was asleep by now. She kissed him on his forehead and left the room. As she went downstairs, she couldn’t resist thinking about what she saw there. Roni wasn’t imagining. She saw it behind the bushes. But then she couldn’t act scared in front of Roni, so she pretended that he was imagining.

She remembered seeing ‘him’ for the first time. She was 4. ‘Kelly’ that’s what he used to call her. He was her imaginary friend- ‘One-horned De Vile.’ Yes, that was how she used to call him. They used to be best buds. Until one day, he hurt her, saying she wasn’t spending much time with him anymore. She was growing, and he couldn’t do much about it, but his frustration led him to hurt her. Slowly she started to move on from him until one day; she stopped seeing him. She might have felt guilty, but she had to grow up.

There was this boy named Johnny, on whom she had a crush since kinder garden. He used to live across the street. It was her senior year prom night, and out of nowhere, this guy asked her out. As obsessed and in love she was, she blindly said yes. Little did she knew that her imaginations had the power to create things? As of now, her imaginary friend, the ‘One-Horned-De Vile,’ was the Devil himself. He was obsessed with her and being her best buddy for a long time; he knew how to win her back. Well, Johnny wasn’t just Johnny that night, he was possessed by One-horned De vile, and Kelly had no idea. She was blinded by love. So was the Devil.

Blinded by love and alcohol, Johnny invited her to his home; just like any teenager fancied by their crush, she readily said yes. As they reached, he invited her inside. She sat on the couch.

“You look pretty tonight!”

“Is that you or the alcohol speaking?” she blushed.

He came closer and planted a kiss on her lips, and she didn’t resist.

“What do you think now?”

She didn’t say anything but blushed. They spoke about things in their lives, and Kelly told him about her crush on him since the kinder garden; he just smiled listening to it. It was getting late, and she needed to go home.

“Just stay with me tonight Kaitlyn. They won’t mind. It is prom night right?” he asked her with his puppy face. She wanted to stay, but she couldn’t; it looked so easy and sudden to her, “I don’t know it’s too fast for me. You asking me out and we being together at the prom tonight and now inviting me to your home. I don’t know. I think I should go.”

His face went down. “Oh, if you say so.”

As she was getting ready to leave, he kissed her as passionately as it was the last time he would ever kiss her, and she was swept off her feet. “Oh Johnny, I wanna stay. I don’t care if I am grounded for this tomorrow.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I have been dreaming about us like this, since I started reading love stories.”

She kissed him back. One thing led to another, and finally, she was sleeping right next to him. He patted her hair and looked deep into her eyes.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” She giggled.

“Oh Kelly, You don’t have any idea how much I missed you.”

She rattled when she heard her name. She was quiet for some time. “Why did you call me Kelly?”

Now it wasn’t Johnny who laid beside him; it was Devil, “cause I have always called you that my love.” He was in his real form. He had grown up like how he was supposed to be a real being as a teenager.

“This can’t be happening. You were my imaginary friend and I stopped believing in you since I was 10.”

“It is true that I am not real. But your imagination is strong and you created me real. So is my love.”

“No… how could you?”

“Kelly, I am not who you think I am. I am not an ordinary imaginary friend that dies when you start to forget. You created me and your imagination is so strong that you created me real.” She didn’t know what else to say, she cried, he continued, “I love you I always have. I would never hurt you. But the fruit of our love. I need him.”

“Fruit of your betrayal you mean. I would never bear a son for you.”

“No Kelly. My love for you was real. And your love for Johnny was also true even if it wasn’t for me, there was something true about this. The first child you bear would be mine and trust me you would love him more than anything, but I will have to take him with me, where he belongs.”

She stood there listening to him in shock. He disappeared with a smile on his lips. Years passed, she was 26, and as she always wanted, Johnny was in love with her. They got married. One happy family, it seemed. Johnny was everything she could ask in a husband. They were excited when she found out she was pregnant. One night, her water broke, and she was rushed to the hospital as time flew by.

She gave birth to something, something dark that she could hear the child’s cry and doctors’ cries in vain. Suddenly he appeared, and everything else in the room froze except for them. He took the baby in his arms.

“Look at him Kelly, he has got your eyes and my little horns. My my, I was only real to you, but he would rule this world.”

“Put him down, you devil, it’s just a child.”

“Oops, it’s mine too. A mother will always love her child no matter what. Didn’t I tell you that? But in case you ever feel like getting rid of him, well, you can’t. Your Johnny has to die, he will possess his features and our little boy will be human until he realizes what he is.”

“No, you can’t do this to me. Don’t hurt Johnny. I love him.”

“Well, I love you too Kelly.”

He disappeared, everything was back to normal. The doctors looked like they forgot about the darkness she gave birth to. She looked at her baby. He was beautiful; he was human. Her eyes searched for Johnny. That very day she was informed that he met with an accident on the way to the hospital and couldn’t make it.

All these years, it looked as if she was looking after Johnny. Roni possessed all his features. Funny, isn’t it how Devil tricks you?

Now that she knew he was back to take her son away from her, she was alert. She couldn’t let that happen. She went outside searching for him and said, “I know you are here, come talk to me.”

A face appeared somewhat disappointed, “Hi… Kelly…”

“I know you want to take him with you. But I won’t let you.”

“You don’t understand. He’s dangerous… I didn’t understand the consequences then but now that I know, I can’t let it happen.”

“Wow, now you want to turn me against him.”

“No… remember when I said, he was real and he will rule this world? It was true. He possesses no humanity in him. He is not like you. He is like me, a much worse version of mine. You have to let me take him back to where he belongs before he starts gaining power… by killing you.”

With that, she heard footsteps behind her, “So that’s what I needed to do to gain the power.”

It was Roni; he didn’t look like Johnny anymore. His eyes stayed the same, but his horns were shining bright. She could see what was going on, she was his mother, and she couldn’t let anything happen to him.

“One little ego of my father gave birth to me. But he didn’t know that my birth would take away his true love from him.” Roni was laughing.

“Roni, you don’t have to be like this.” Kelly cried.

“Well, Mommy I was born for this. Now let me kill you and eat your heart.” He laughed demonically.

He came closer, but the Devil stopped him, “I don’t think you are going to do that little Demon. I am here to takeyou back where you belong.”

He fought with him, Roni screamed back and attacked him. When he knew he was failing, he cried, “Mommy save me.” Kelly couldn’t stand there and see her son die.

“You need to be strong. Do what I say.” Devil told her.

She nodded, “You have a strong imagination Kelly. Now listen to my words. Imagine Roni being possessed and you are taking the Devil out of him. Now touch him. On the count of three grab him by his hand and pull him towards you.”

She did what she was told as she pulled Roni. A little boy was pulled out of the little Demon, which stayed in the hands of the Devil.

“I am sorry…” he disappeared with the little Demon. She sighed in relief and looked at the boy. It was Roni, and he was sleeping peacefully in her arms. She took him and went to his room. As she laid him on his bed, she heard the doorbell. Even if fear was there in her, she pulled out all her strength and opened the door. To her surprise, it was Johnny.

“I don’t know what happened. Suddenly I was riding my car to the hospital and now I am here.”

He needed to say more. But she kissed him and said, “Let me tell you the rest of the story later. She took him inside Roni’s room.

“How many years did I miss?”

“You didn’t miss any. Let us both start together.”

She knew deep down Devil loved her truly even if she didn’t want to accept that. If he had never loved her, he wouldn’t have given everything back to her. It was not just Johnny he gave her back that night, but a soothe realization of her power of imagination which gifted her, her first friend- ‘One-horned Devil.’

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