Fallen Angel

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The young Lucifer’s face shined as his father picked him up, “Oh my dear son, you are my favorite. I love you the most.”

Suddenly it felt like the place trembled. Lucifer woke up with tears in his eyes. There was nothing there but, darkness. His red eyes glowed in them. Yes, the greatest evil of all was alone, hated and unloved. The people in all three worlds were afraid of him. He wished if someone could look at him with love and kindness instead of what he received- well, all blamed him when someone did something evil as if he told them to do it. Duh! Why would he ever do that when he gets the chance to torture them for their sins in hell. He laughs when the evil people’s soul burns in the eternal flame of hell.

“Well, what does God do? He leads all goodies to heaven, and they live there happily ever after. Well, what do I do? I get to decide the punishment for the evil things people did on earth. Look who is evil now? I am just doing my job. The job my father has asked me to do.” He often said to convince himself.

His heart craved for love, but he knew none except his father would love him. God always forgives and loves, how could he not love his morning star?

Lucifer wanted to get the hell out of hell. He wasn’t happy about the mournings he has to hear every day, cries and screams of torture from the souls pushed to the eternal fire. The thing about it was the eternal fire wouldn’t consume your soul completely, but it slowly eats it up, leaving the soul to live with a wound which never heals.

More hatred he was exposed to, more he became incapable of love. He didn’t know what love was. He didn’t know what it felt like to be in love or loved. That’s when the hell received a new guest. His story circulated in the whole of hell finally it reached Lucifer’s ears as well. The demons brought him in front of Lucifer to narrate his story all by himself. Lucifer stared into his eyes. He smiled, seeing fear inside him.

“Demons told me that you were killed by your friend, for you spoke ill of me. Is that true, Miguel?” Lucifer raised his voice.

Miguel shook a little bit, “Yes, my Lord. My friend Veruka killed me for I spoke ill of you.”

Lucifer was surprised to see someone defend him on the earth. She didn’t just justify him she killed for him.

“Tell me more about her.” Lucifer was excited to know more about her.

“It all started when she started to watch that God forbade Netflix series named after you.”

“They have a series on me?” Life on earth sounded exciting to him.

“Yes, they do. It depicts you as the Devil, who abandons Hell for Los Angeles, where he runs his nightclub and becomes a consultant to the LA police.” Lucifer smiled, deep down he could relate with the character.

“So tell me why she killed you.” He was excited to know more about this Veruka who defended him.

“Since she started watching it, she started to speak nicely about Lucifer. She was always like “nobody cares about how Lucifer feels” or “he is the sinner nobody prayed for”. She had one thing or the other to talk about Lucifer. She wouldn’t just stop, being a believer I told her that it was just a fictional story and Lucifer deserves to be in hell for what he had done.”

He stopped and looked at Lucifer, “I didn’t know that would make her angry. She yelled at me and said, ‘stop saying that’. I should have stopped because when I continued speaking about you, she grew a little feisty and tried to hit my head with a flower vase. I know that she didn’t mean to kill me, but it did kill me. Just some fangirl problems.”

Lucifer’s face lite up, “You mean she is a fan of mine?”

Miguel wanted to say that she was a fan of Tom Ellis who played Lucifer in the series but, didn’t have courage enough to say that to the dark lord’s face. He just gulped and nodded his head. He sent away Miguel with the demons for he had nothing else to do for him. The demons took him to purgatory for he was not found to be enough evil to stay in hell. Hell was considered a place for the ones who truly earned their place with their evilness.

“No one has ever stood up for me. Veruka has been kind enough to defend me. I think I should gift her something.” He thought for a while, but couldn’t come up with anything. The very thought of meeting her made him stay awake. He decided to pay a visit to her on earth. He didn’t wait much longer. He closed his eyes and whispered her name. When he opened his eyes, he was in a small room. He looked around and found a girl sleeping so calmly. She looked pretty. The wall was covered with posters of Tom Ellis with his series name written all over it. One of the posters had the devil with his real face and wings. He stared into that poster, “This looks nothing like me. I look much scarier than this.”

He was disappointed. He wanted to make her understand how much scarier and uglier he could get. So that she would know the real Lucifer and stop defending him. He got closer to Veruka and whispered her name slowly. She gently opened her eyes. Lucifer was ready to scare her soul out of her. He was in his real demon form with his wings spread wide. She was wide awake, she saw Lucifer in front of her bed. Surprisingly, neither did she scream nor looked scared. She just called out his name and smiled, “Lucifer, I knew you would come.”

“Aren’t you scared of me?” Lucifer asked her in a low voice.

“Why would I be scared of you? You are my friend.”


“Yes, friend. I always remember you in my prayers when we all go to church. I believe you deserve a second chance. God is love. He will give you a second chance.” Veruka smiled. First time in his life, somebody actually had a conversation with him. She seemed to have known him for a long time. He felt happy, ‘This must be how one feels when they have someone who cares.’ He thought. He was happy to have met her. He promised that he would be there for her whenever she wanted his help. He taught her the way to summon him.

He went back to hell knowing that he truly matters to someone. The devil felt loved for the second time. First time from his father, a long time ago, but now from Veruka, a mortal. They became friends in a short time. He would often visit earth to see her when she summons. Hell started to collapse for the Dark Lord often spend his time on earth. The balance between the souls entering purgatory and hell changed drastically for the demons in the absence of Lucifer didn’t know how to decide the destination of the souls who entered hell. So they ended up sending all of them to purgatory instead of Hell. Hell was dying, but Lucifer wasn’t bothered. He was busy being loved by someone. The rule of Purgatory was, they either stay in Purgatory and suffer their rest of the life crying and praying for forgiveness of their sins if they are truly seeking forgiveness, they would be taken to Heaven. With Lucifer not around, Hell lost souls and Purgatory had no vacant place to be occupied forcing Heaven to receive people from Purgatory.

Lucifer’s relation with Veruka became a discussion in heaven. Nobody could truly believe that Lucifer was loved. The archangels were angry, “God gave him one simple job; to take care of hell and he can’t even do that properly.”

Everyone had one thing or the other to say about Lucifer but, God seemed unbothered. Deep down he was happy that Lucifer found someone who loved him for who he is. But, the situation was getting worse. Souls who didn’t deserve to be in heaven started to occupy their place there. Chaos alarmed everywhere in heaven. God was forced to make some judgments. He decided to visit Lucifer.

Lucifer was in hell not hindered by the chaos happening around him. Demons were scared to confess the trouble they have caused. So they left it to fate. That’s when God visited Hell. Lucifer sensed his presence.

“Father? What caused you to visit your abandoned son?” A little bit heartbroken God responded, “Do I need a reason to visit my son?”

Lucifer didn’t respond, “I heard you are busy planning your trips to Earth abandoning hell.” God enquired.

“Looks like you heard the story too.”

“Yes, but, abandoning hell is not a thoughtful deed. Some souls deserve to be in hell, you know that more than me. Since you are not here the souls entering purgatory have increased and heaven is left with no choice than to receive them. You need to be here my son.”

Lucifer stared into the darkness and said nothing, God continued, “You know your brothers. They cannot be stopped even if I try. They do what is justice. They lack emotions. Their judgements are blinded with the loyalty they possess to Heaven. Don’t take them for weak. You are strong, but Veruka isn’t.”

“I won’t let anyone hurt Veruka,” Lucifer yelled.

“My son, I always do what is best for you. You must find a solution for this yourself. Otherwise, I will be forced to be with your brothers. I am sorry.”

God left. Lucifer couldn’t imagine losing Veruka. With her beside he felt loved. He understood that he was capable to love someone. He wasn’t ready to lose her but, he knew his brothers too. They would go far enough to bring justice to the souls in heaven. That night he visited Veruka. She was happy to see him.

“What brings you here oh lord of the Hell?” She teased him. He gave her a sly smile. Without thinking further Lucifer said, “I won’t be visiting you again. You interrupted me from doing my job in hell. I have lost souls and I have to pay my debt being in the eternal fire until heaven shows mercy. You caused me this pain. you gave me this suffering. I am here to give you a taste of your own medicine.”

Veruka didn’t understand anything. Sudden anger in his words scared her. Before she could do anything, Lucifer embraced her stealing away their memories and planting a new made-up memory in her mind. When she was freed from his grip, she was sleeping. He took her to bed and covered her in the blanket. He looked at her one last time and left her room.

She will never remember him. He took away all the memories they shared. In the end, everything attained its balance. Lucifer got engaged in his works dealing with the evil souls. He wished if someone could take away his memories of her but, her memories were what kept him strong knowing that someone could actually make a Devil fall so deeply in love. Finally, the Devil wasn’t alone. He was capable of love.

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